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Is 9/11 an inside job ?


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No, ugh. I hate conspiracy theories, they're for people with no critical thinking skills.

 Or they show critical thinking skills as its questioning the status quo?
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 There is no way any one in US intelligence would even contemplate carrying out such a large scale attack on there own people on there own soil and think they aren’t going to end up dead or in a secret prison. Foreign intel would have exposed the US with hard evidence if they did cover it up.
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 It doesn't take critical thinking skills to question the status quo. It takes critical thinking skills to assess the argument put forward in a conspiracy theory and spot the gaping holes in logic.
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Nope. Buildings like that are designed to collapse on themselves when major structural damage occurs

 And the other building that imploded ???
Just a coincidental random fire?

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Of course it was. People need to be educated.. all sheep that follow the media

No way it was a inside job. Way too many people would have to be in on it. Your not going to find that many people around who would cause mass casualties on civilians on there own home soil.

 There’s actually not many people at all who needed be in on it
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 Yes, there is. How do you acquire that much explosive with out some one knowing? How do you get it into the building and place it into the right structural areas. How do you work out the correct amount of explosive to use? Too much and it gives it away. Not enough, gives it away. Who is going to be on the ground watching for when the plane flies into the building? You need people to recruit the hijackers, you can’t do this yourself. You need people to be the handlers for the high jackers. Where abouts are you going to get the money for such a operation? How do you stop investigators from finding out that it was an explosion and not a plane flying into it? How do you know that everyone involved in the planning, operation and cover up side is ok with such a task?
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 Ok, you definatly only see rainbows and glitter, and for that I truely applaud you.

But all those things you mentions, are legit so easy to do.

The whole thing could have been pulled off with 20/30 people. Possibly less actually knowing full details, only 2/3 people actually needed to know the whole plan.

And the money thing is just , yeah I don’t even know how to keep responding if you think money would be N ossue

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 If it was such a easy task to pull off then why hasn’t another terrorist attack of this magnitude being carried out? Most of the people planning these type of attack generally end up dead or in jail before they can pull them off.
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 Because if it’s the person who is usually “stopping” other attacks, they aren’t gonna stop themselves are they? 🤦🏼‍♀️

And another terrorist attack hasn’t been needed has it, 9/11 achieved its purpose.

America got to invade and not be the baddies

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