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When would you go to the hospital

At what stage of a migraine would you consider going to the hospital? I've just getting over my third migraine for this week, I had two last week. I'm over it. I am on preventive medication but it's starting to not work.


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Could you go back to your doctor to try different meds?

Don’t clog the ER for this. Especially a migraine see your gp and get referrals to a neurologist and radiology for a ct. This is not emergency room worthy. I self inject Sumatriptan as my migraines are so severe have been for 20 years. Ask for something like that. It can also be oral or nose spray depending on your severity

Go to doctor. Not hospital. I suffer bad you need a new medication

I would go to the er. They can give you a loading dose of different meds, check to make sure something else isn't going on. Have you tried the ice on your neck with feet and hands soaking in hot water? It's not a cure, but it helps enough to make to tomorrow when you can see your doctor. Do you see a neurologist? I was at daily 8 or worse out of 10 migraines. I got therapeutic glasses (light filtering), got rid of all LED, Halogen, and Fluorescent lights in my house, downloaded special blue light filters on my phone, began monitoring my food and drinks to find my triggers, switched to unscented everything and natural house cleaning products, added daily exercise, among other things. I'm down to 1-3 severe migraines per month without preventative meds (was having liver and kidney issues after 20 years on meds that hadn't been working for at least 2 years and less effectively for more like 6 years). I also get 3-5 milder migraines per month, which i treat with otc meds and a roll on thing called 'StopPain." I've had many scary migraines with prolonged total blindness lasting several days, hemiplegic paralysis/weakness, and malnutrition/electrolyte imbalances from constant vomiting in the past. Nothing like that since making these changes.

Get a referral to a neurologist. My friend is going through this. The neurologist found something wrong with the vertebra high up near the neck. This didn’t cause her migraines but made them far worse. She now has injections plus her migraine meds. She’s still in a bad way but is slowly starting to feel some relief. Go to hospital if you need pain relief but do see a neurologist for diagnosis and pain management.

I had a migraine so fierce it sent me in to shock and I had a seizure while I was driving and I knew it was getting overwhelming but I couldn't find anywhere to pull over and then it was too late, I drove through a zebra crossing and was a whisker away from hitting two children then I ploughed through a shop front and hurt three people inside. If it's bad, really bad, go to emergency.

 And by this story, get someone else to drive you!
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OP. I have gone to the doctors many times and tried so many different medications. I've been to two different specialists. These migraines are really starting to get me feeling low.
I actually meant while having an attack and the pain won't go away no matter what pills I take, how long would you wait in pain before you go f*** it, I've had enough, time to go to the hospital. I've never been to the hospital for one because I don't know how I'd deal with the noise etc so I don't even know if they can treat the pain or not

 If you feel you need to go to the hospital for pain relief that is okay. Do what you feel you need to do without feeling guilty. I wonder if you could go there when you are well and find out if there is a quiet space away from the main waiting room or something for people with these symptoms (I have no idea).
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 I know of someone who has migraines and has been to the hospital a few times. If you need to go, just go. Don't downplay your symptoms. I guess you've got nothing to lose by trying it next time.
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 Hi op, I get hormone cluster migraines. I used to experience ongoing ones for months at a time, some days I couldn't leave the bed or stand up and like you I had many many tests. I went to hospital and they put me in a dark room with a saline drips to hydrate me, I was also given pain relief. I assume that this is what they will do for you as well. It didn't really do anything for me other than hydrate me via the drip. Plus I had my waiting time before I was seen so in my opinion I would go just in case but have someone with you
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Have you tried botox i heard that was something they might be able to do for headaches not sure about migraines.

 Not the o p, but I found the side effects of Botox to be too scary to try it. I recently within the past couple of years, have been trying a more natural approach with great success
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I would probably go to a different gp for a second opinion before going to hospital.

 Or phone health direct if I needed more urgent advice.
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