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Husband has a fake Facebook account?

I was sneaking a look at my husbands phone and I went on Facebook but instead of it being his account, it was a random other name? I didn't get time to look at the messages or anything but should I confront him?


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I would make a fake fb page yourself as a young attractive woman and add him. Send him a message saying you thought hr was sexy etc

I would be investigating before i said anything. Otherwise he could just deactivate it and youll never know. If you remember the fake fb account name you can search it and that way you may be able to see what friends he has or any profile pics etc depending on privacy settings. And yes i think it is worth snooping- a dear friend of mine went through the same thing. She assumed he was cheating which broke her heart- but it was worse than that. He was talking to very young teenage girls. The police called it 'grooming' them... best of luck with it love xx

 I guess i have same situation..someone send me a message telling me that my husband has fake acct chatting with someone
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Don't say anything yet, do some research. Try getting into the fake FB again, suss out the friends, conversations, activity log & searches. If you think he's upto no good look at his mobile call history or go online & view your itemised phone bill too. You might be able to call frequent numbers you don't know (hide your number). Take note of his routine & moods - have they changed for no obvious reasons? I hope there's nothing unsavoury to uncover. Goodluck

 Wow you've obviously been thru this before 😳
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 Yes .... Unfortunately 😓
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 My husband did the same crap just he could talk to this one trashy nasty girl I have 4kids with him and men just find any way to stroke there egos don’t let it get you down your not doing anything wrong it’s him
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You were sneaking a look at his phone for a reason. You're suspicious about something. Trust your gut, something is going on. It may or may not be what you think, but do some snooping and you will find it.

I found out my husband had a 2nd account, only cuz I still had control of the first one, I say 8 years and u can't stop lying sneaking, blaming me that it's my insecurities I'm jealous, I don't think so. I asked him to stop talking to his exs telling he loved them wishes he could be with them sexual things, so he created a 2nd account to hide his lies and cheating, when I called him out on it, again my fault but yet I can't access the hidden account but my gut, he says it's all in my head, well tonight he crashed I went on his phone at this point I ain't scared of him catching me, you blame me why u rnt home etc . Well if u didn't stay gone for 24-72 hours thinking it's ok I wouldn't have caught the lying cheat piece of shit he really was. Ditched the kids and me said he's working, ya working it the sick bastard. So if u have a gut feeling, screw privacy . I say if u have the gut instinct u lose your privacy. U get busted u lose your privacy. U want trust and respect well it's earned and if u lose respect and trust VERY hard to gain back.

My partner has 2 other facebooks for his stupid games 😂 He plays Game of War.. and all I know is they need facebook accounts to make new accounts on the game so they can send "resources" to their proper account. I hope this is the same for you xx

My partner has Facebook and I've never seen it once in 13 years we been together and I have nothing to worrie about. I know he has it and talks about it. Everyone has a secret from there partner.

Could a friend/work colleague have logged into their Facebook on his phone for some reason?

Sometimes you need to husbands an awesome guy, but he has made serious mistakes. We are in love with two kids anda 3rd on the way...but he made stupid mistakes and is an open book NOW! I snooped saw what he was really up to in our early days and packed my shit and left him...he was bad, ugly and down right kick him in the dick c**k head. Ya gotta look to know. Which ever way it works out...look and be wiser for it! Kisses honey! Best of luck!

 I'm so curious what he did or what was he like?!
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He said he uses it for an online game? I don't know :(

 Then why'd a different name?
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 Could b true, I've come across a few sites that ask you to register or sign in with FB.
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OP Apparently he doesn't want people he plays this online game with knowing his proper identity? I have no idea how any of these games work so I don't know if he's being totally honest about jt
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 I was the lady who said hubby made a fake account for online games. His has to be a fake name cause the games he plays you aren't allowed more than 1 account so he needs a fake name so they don't pick up that he has 2 accounts. (Yes I know that's cheating lol) Maybe I'm just a glass half full person, but I sincerely hope that this is what's happening with your hubby as well. Although my hubby's fake accounts don't have friends or anything on them, it's just a blank account.
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 I would do more digging, if he has message etc I doubt it's just for a game
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I'd wait to get another chance to have a look. It honestly doesn't sound great, there's no viable reason he would have one. If you confronted him he could have signed out by then and say a friend was using it. Good luck darling

 Mine has one so he could make another account on this game he plays? But he has no friends or anything on it, literally just needed an account. And I know cause he made it on my phone and I went to open fb and was like "umm what the hell is this?" Lol
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 Well I hope that's the reason here. I always jump to the negative because I wouldn't think of those facebook games lol
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 Not true about no viable reason. Some people have 2 to protect their identity, eg if their work wants to see their facebook they have a 2nd one. Or they don't want to add their snooping auntie or whatever. But the wife not knowing is suss.
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 Yes that's what I meant to put " no viable reason for him having one and not telling you' But then maybe its new and he made it and just forgot to tell her, men forget stuff
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