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Lately life has just been one thing after another and with husband away so much for work life is making me miserable. I am in the situation where I don't know if I should cry or scream. It has been one catastrophe after another car broke down, bee infestation, possum infestation plus alot more etc etc it all happened at once, all when husband was away I also have to young children to look after and at THIS moment I hate my life. No can't change husbands job, no can't change where we live, money is also annoyingly tight at the moment. How do you cope with stress? Sorry I needed a rant just having a bit of a break down.


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It always happens when they are away right? I know. One morning (Hubbie away for work) I woke up and there were thousands of baby spiders 🕷 in our lounge and hallway ceiling. Imagine Charlottes Web but without the cute pig. Thankfully the mother had laid her eggs in the lounge room and they had not made it into the bedrooms. I got the vaccuum and calmly started vacuuming them all up but I was screaming on the inside. When the kids woke up there were only a couple of rogue ones they helped me spot. Hang in there and think of this story when things get bad.

Just remind yourself that there's always someone worse off than you. That's what I do and it helps with my mindset. For example I'm a single mum and what I wouldn't give to have a husband and a father figure for my kids.

This was my life. We did what you are saying you can't do. We packed up. We moved. New jobs. Bought a block, building a house. In the country where we can afford it. We now have no issues.

 what jobs do you do. People always say move to the country but neither mine nore my husbands industries exist outside big cities. (not OP, just curious)
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Oh baby I know. It's okay to feel overwhelmed at times. How old are your kids? Can they go into care for one day in the future so you can take some me time? Even if it's not for a couple of weeks so you have time to save up the money. When I get overwhelmed by my life (husband in the military and is away more than he is home, 3 kids, no friends or family on this side of the country), I set a date in the near future and use it as just me time. I usually try and set that date in stone so no matter how stressed out I get beforehand, and how anxious I get, it's consistent and reliable that on that day, I'll be getting a break (unless the kids are too sick for daycare, but then I move it to the day after they're well again). It's comforting knowing that even though things are gone to shit right now, there is a brighter day on the horizon. It takes the edge off.

Oh and I also set lazy pj days at home sometimes too. We don't get dressed, eat easy meals, no housework gets done, and no one answers the door. Aaah those are my favourite days 😂

This was me last year and honestly I ended up on leave. I had 2 weeks sick leave then got signed off as unpaid leave, I just could not function day to day. Can you call in family or friends help? Ask someone to cook some meals for you (or we got some from our church) let the garden go, only do what you need to (I'd do washing but just school uniforms and undies, I'd wash up but never put anything away) it sucks to ask for help, I hated doing it, but if there's anyone to ask, please ask them!