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Have you been to Disney land / world ?

I really want to take the kids but don’t know if Japan or USA is better? How much did it cost? Did you and your family enjoy?


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Employees in USA get paid f**k all and get treated like shit by boss

We had an amazing trip to Japan 2 years ago. It The whole trip was about $15g but it all depends on when you go, how many people, where you stay and what you do. Never been to the US but our next destination is Hawaii June this year. I'm so excited 🤗 Having said that I don't think it matters where you go or what you do. Its the company and what you make of it x

 C card ????
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 Nope. I had one for a few years when I was 18 and that's about it. We have one for our business but that's strictly off limits for personal shopping
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OP Thank you I got a similar quote 12-15 k . How old were your kids ? My lil one is just 5 so I’m think waiting a few years may be better - 7ish ? Then he can walk further ect ?
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 ^Hi OP. Kids were 7 and 9. It was a good age for them but everyone's kids develop at different times. For us the ages were right but yours may be different. All the best xx
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 A lot of people (like us) afford it by saving instead of buying takeaway etc. It's all about priorities.
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 I enjoy cocaine, martinis & spend too much much money on leased vehicles. Why can't I take my kids to Disneyland ❣
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 ^Depends what kind of cars you're leasing 💞
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We went to the US in sept last year for 5wks. 2A & 2C. We went to Disneyland & spent 8 days there.
Not sure how much that component of our trip cost but the total trip cost around $40k

 ^^Im glad you had a wonderful time. Would you do it again? 💙
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I’ve been to Disneyland Paris with my husband and three kids and in-laws. We all absolutely loved it.

 Paris is definitely on my bucketlist
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OP Sounds great approximately how much did you spend?
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 Honestly can’t remember how much it cost. We were travelling through England and Paris for 6 weeks and were very fortunate that the in-laws paid a huge chunk of the cost.
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I’ll be taking kids o Japan one this year cos I love the rest of it two weeks in Japan is better than two weeks in la.
You can do universal studios
University of engendering and science
The parks are amazing, like AMAZING, the kids play parks and the landscaping, amazing.
The food is 🤤
Lego land
Done city

I just find it way cooler and everything is closer.

There’s not much else in aneurism so there is a lot of travel to do other things.
America is cool, the beach’s are great, Disneyland is amazing, but that’s most what you’ll do, there’s a few other theme parks.

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 I think everyone is doing Japan this year.. including us! It's going to be crowded! Have a fantastic trip.
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went to Disneyland in LA and it's awesome. The happiest place on earth isn't too far from the truth. It's the cost of trip where the cost is a little irrelevant. It's such a great experience and is a memory of a lifetime. Just do it you won't regret it

 the cost is irrelevant*
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