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I have to choose between full hysterectomy or leave in the ovaries...

Please tell me your situations and if it worked for you :) thank you


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I've had one, but the ovaries were left. If they take both out, you can go through menopause early and you could have very severe symptoms (so the Dr's told me). I still went through menopause a bit earlier than I probably would have, and I still didn't have a good time of it. If you need to have the ovaries out, then do so, there is always medication to help. I had hormone replacement which helped and there are other medications. Still it was the best thing I ever did!!!

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If the ovaries go will you need to go on medication?

My friend had one done but kept the healthy ovary. Hope this helps.

OP Yes, but I have a condition which drastically increases the risk of ovarian cancer. I think I am more leaning toward removing them too. I was just interested in others experiences
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After experiencing my mother going through hell after a full hysterectomy, I'd never encourage one to do it. She was so much looking forward to having fewer health problems, but her body pretty much went out of whack. Went into menopause soon after, and the medication she had to take just made things much worse. It was so bad she needed antidepressants which also didn't work. Totally lost her lust for life. I don't want to scare you or anything, and I surely appreciate that it doesn't have to end this way for everyone, but please consider at all options before you finally decide. You might be looking forward to one health problem being eliminated but make sure you are aware of all side effects and that you would be able to live with new health problems which might arise. You're going to be the one having to live with the result in the end, and this is something you cannot reverse. Unfortunately my mother only listened to the ones with the positive experiences and ignored the negative ones. Didn't go well for her. Somehow I feel that she might have had a better quality of life, and would have lived longer, if she just wouldn't have gone for the full program. Wishing you all the best.

Had a hysterectomy after finding cervical cancer cells had spread. They tested the ovaries at the time but they were clear so left them in. It meant I still got the hormone levels and didn’t have to go on medication. I still get “vault” smears done (10 years later) in case it comes back or they missed any patches.

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I'm in the same situation I've decided to keep my ovaries so I don't go into menopause early - I'm 40 not looking forward to the surgery but am looking forward to my health problems being over

OP Same, so bad haha
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