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Help with costume ideas

I am attending a Hollywood themed party this weekend and don't know what to wear.
I am a plus size woman
Any ideas?


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Look at cara Mia at costumebox?
Who's the red dress wearing lady in who framed roger rabbit?
Audrey Hepburn
Melissa McCarthy
Bridget Jones

OP Here - Just to clarify I'm a size 16 so not keen on going as the blob.
thanks for your comments so far

16 isn’t that big. Have a look online or a costume shop and think what you’d be comfortable wearing in front of people and comfort for your body also. That’s the hardest one

Paparazzi :P

 I had actually thought about this so I didn't have to dress up ! Haha
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Pregnant Blake Lively (lol) .... i mean this light heartedly, please dont take offence :)

Marylin Monroe

OP Too obvious, hoping for something no one else will be wearing

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