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How do you bring up and/or convince your partner to start trying for a second baby?

our daughter is 4, I don’t even necessarily mean try, just to stop trying to prevent it really... i know he isn’t 100% against it but I’m not sure how for it he is and I feel so awkward bringing it up so I’m I’m not really sure what to say or do! This is something I really want and he does know that....
Heeeelp!! 😂


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If you can't just discuss this with your partner, should you really be having another child?

Whilst I sympathise with you on wanting another one my only child is 11 this year! I think you both have to be 100% committed to the idea. I know there will never be a right time to have another as life happens and things are continuously changing in daily life and life itself. So if you are 100% sure have the conversation with him, say to him I know we haven't really discussed this 100% and I know we haven't really been trying to avoid it but id like to start trying for another baby soon, how do you feel about that? That opens the dialogue up and you can discuss finances, feelings, uncertainties etc around adding to your family. It's a big decision having another child so you should both be on the same page 100%. I hope the conversation leads to a answer and decision you both want.

When are we going to give Miss 4 a playmate?

She is just so cute - we really should make more of these!

So-and-So has been trying for 2 years now to get pregnant. When do you think would be a good time to try for our next one?

 good conversation starters
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Aaah I remember the days of thinking about having a second (I have four of the little ankle biters now). I turned to hubby one day and just said: babe, do you want to have another? I think it would be nice.
And he was like: yeah I've been thinking about it too.
Two months later I was pregnant.
And that's the story of how we planned our second baby.
That was the last time I was excited by a positive pregnancy test lol. Both the other times it was: oh f**k.

 I love this! I know he’s thought about it before, but it’s always fleeting as he’s the type to think about money ect and want to wait till we’re in a better position. Even we aren’t in a bad one as it is! So not really sure how to approach it in a way that will make him actually agree 😂
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Why because little one is about to start school and he’d expect you to work again

 Mate I’m already working 😂
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Well I think the bigger issue is, if he really doesn't want another child, are you happy to only have one or do you think it's a deal breaker, and should you get out of the relationship and find someone who wants more kids

Does he want more than one child? I think thats the biggest question. If he does then maybe start asking about age gaps.

When we planned to have our second we basically agreed that we wanted before we decided trying. I wanted about a 3 year gap, i wanted our eldest to be day time toilet trained and sleeping through the night. My partner just wanted to make sure their birthdays weren't too close to each other or any major holiday or family event. So we picked a month in which it would be good for the baby to be born and we stopped preventing it. I found out I was pregnant about 4 weeks before our eldest was 2. So theres a 2 year and 8 month gap between them.