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How important to you, is freedom in a relationship?


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I've learnt very recently it's incredibly important I put myself on the back burner for 10 years, it's only now I've started doing things that make me happy

very. You had a life before them and should have in the future.

The only difference is including then in most (not all) social gatherings. That should go both ways.

Then you'll end up with mutual friends as well.

We also value eachothers individual interests. I do wines with the girls and sewing and has his sports.

Time apart makes the time you do spend toget

 together. really quality time

silly phone .......

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When I look back at my relationships it's the guys who let me run & be free that i had to most success with. The ones that tried to control me I fought back against their control & it always ended with me leaving. It's not always obvious what their doing. Suddenly you never have time to see your friends because he's always got you booked in with his family & friends. They really want you to be codependent. You're an accessory in their life.

Freedom to do what? If your just speaking about socially my husband lets me do whatever I want, he knows better than to tell me what to do & I offer him the same courtesy because we trust each other. If i want to go out with a girlfriend to have dinner he doesn't care, he encourages me. What kind of relationship wouldn't allow that? The only one I can think of would be an unhealthy/abusive one.

Extremely important. Freedom goes hand in hand with trust, you can't have one without the other.
I left a 7 year relationship for lack of trust and freedom. Didn't realize I was being micro-managed and controlled and then maniuplated when I wanted to go out somewhere with friends

Not important at all. I’d love to stay inside my house with my husband and never venture out.

 But how does your husband feel?
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 He has no friends so he’s a stay at home person. I’m happy to stay in with him. I meet up with my friend for lunch once a month or meet my sister but I’m happy staying in. He’d never stop me going out tho.
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 He sounds lonely
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 He probably is but his happiness is his own responsibility
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I depise men and women who don't let their partners spend time with their friends- it's ridiculous

 My sister is only allowed to be friends with her husbands friends’ wives/girlfriends. He even tries to stop her seeing me!
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 There is something really wrong there
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