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Did you include references on your job applications when returning to work?

I've been out of work going on 8 years now and am having trouble finding any referees from back then (especially the jobs 10+ years ago). I didn't bother networking or keeping in touch with old bosses so am having trouble finding a couple and, honestly, I was young and dumb and not a very good employee for a couple of jobs so I don't even know if I will get very good references from them at all.
Did you include references on your resume from that long ago? Were you asked for them? Did the prospective employers even contact them? Referees from that long ago seem rather redundant.


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Use a character reference or do some volunteer work and then use them

Also, did you participate in any community or school activities? So if you helped on Canteen, the supervisor might help you out - or at netball, cricket, playgroup, sunday school - just someone you aren't related to who can say you turned up on time, worked well with people and all that stuff :) Good luck

OP I haven't done any of those because I suffered from post natal and severely isolated myself. But I'm in a much better place now so I think I may start to put myself out there and take on some of those responsibilities.
Thank you for your suggestions and advice :)

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I use personal references, but I don't list them on my application or resume. I say "available on request"

If you've been out of contact for over 12 months your references are no longer relevant. I use personal references - "associates". And just explain if they question it.