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Did you always want children?


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No, i didn’t want kids, but i ended up with 3 and now im thinking about a 4th!

No I didn’t want kids. Until I got pregnant and then everything changed. Best thing I ever did.

 Same ❤️
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 How/why did you get pregnant if you didn't want them?
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 I wrote this comment and at the time I was really young and busy working. I had just moved to Australia. So at that time I didn’t want children. Then I found out I was pregnant at an ultrasound for a “cyst” and I was 20 weeks! Once you see that baby everything changes! Don’t tell me I should be infertile that’s disgusting. My son is now 11 and I have another child a girl who is 9. Wouldn’t change them for anything. So you all need to grow up and stop the witch hunt
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 I feel the same, but for me I just fell in love and it was a desire to have kids with that person..despite never wanting kids before. I surprised a lot of people
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Never wanted kids until I met my husband . Then my thinking changed .

I always wanted a big family. As many kids as I could possibly have. I wanted at least 5. Unfortunately I had terrible hyperemesis for the 2 pregnancies I did manage to carry and I had a miscarriage and there's a strong likely hood that any future pregnancies will result in miscarriage so my body is against my big family plan. Unfortunately I don't think I could handle going through it all again so I've had to give up on my idea of a big family and settle for an average one. As a kid I used to say that I would have 11 babies 😂

 Naw that’s cute. It’s funny that life has other plans for us sometimes, I’m sure you are awesome x
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I didn't have like a deep maternal desire to have them, but knew I would have kids, if that makes sense. Like I was happy to get married, but didn't have my wedding planned out when I was 12yo like some people lol.

I always did. All I ever wanted was to be a mother. I gave up and thought it'd never happen. Then it did. I'm the luckiest in the world, dreams do come true.

Not until I married my husband, which was when I was 35. Before then I thought motherhood wasn’t for me.

I am not attractive to work so I thought getting pregnant would be good to get extra money from tax payers
On number 3 and planning 4 more kids