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Implanon question

I had the implanon in for 3 years, was awesome, still had regular periods etc. Had it changed to a new one just over a month ago (they had to do it while i was on my period?) Well my period was supposed to start a week and a half ago, ive had all the signs its coming, cramping, bloating, mood swings but it still hasnt come. Has anyone else had this happen?


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Personally I only ever had 3 periods through the whole 3 years with mine. Even though you had regular ones last time it's possible this time you may not

I had the implanon for irregular periods, it didn’t really help and my arm was so sore throughout having it in. After a few months the doctor decided to remove it and he couldn’t find it, I had to have a ultrasound and they found it had been inserted into my muscle and traveled up near my shoulder so I had to have surgery to remove it.

Yes same thing happened to me had all the period symptoms without the bleeding was so worried I was pregnant so went to the doctor was told it is normal to get symptoms without bleeding some women completely stop having periods where so have them regularity if worried ypu may be pregnant take test or see the doctor I now get a period every 6mths or so and on my 3 implanon bar

 And some bleed constantly. Bled almost everyday for 2 years and 9 months i had it in
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 Omg why wouldn’t you get rid of it? That’s so inconvenient.. and not to mention costly in tampons/pads ! Wtf!?
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 Because im allergic to latex and non latex condoms, i cant take the pill due to chrons disease as doesnt absorb properly and hadnt had any kids yet so didnt want to risk an IUD. I also had such bad period pain before i went on it that i had to have a week off work each month so it was worth it sort of. Went off it to get pregnant.

Im also allergic to normal pads and tampons do could only use organic cotton pads. So changed to reusable. Saved so much money with reusables.

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I've been on implanon since it first became available. I don't get periods.

I didn't bleed for both my rods. Still had the occasional symptoms.

Now at the end of my first IUD - very minimal amounts of bleeding randomly.
IUD number 2, here we come!