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Do you think roadside memorials are an eyesore?

Up the road there’s a small road sign that says RIP ( persons name ) snd fake flowers
It’s next to a bus stop

Another one in front of my house


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I think they are important. A reminder to drive safely.

To those saying they don’t understood them, how can you fully understand a persons grief? It’s a very personal process and different for everyone. Maybe knowing where a person died helps them deal with their loss in some way, find closure maybe.

No, i think they are a reminder to slow down and be careful.

Although i understand not wanting one in front of your house, there was one in front of a property close to me and the person had a huge family who would gather at the site all the time! 50 people on your front lawn... It was eventually removed but it was there for years and years before hand

 He was a learner motorbike Rider and overtook bus on wrong side of road and bang dead
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I think it’s a distraction, not any disrespect to the loved ones. But the road should only have the minimal information that states the condition and rules

 Not as distracting as billboard advertising which is becoming more and more distracting with LED boards and so on
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 I agree it's a distraction.
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it's important to the victims families and loved ones so let it be. It's a sad reminder, not an eyesore

I think it depends. I’m ok with some, when they’re on a highway or other busy road and it’s just a small white cross to serve as a reminder to slow down. I certainly wouldn’t want one in a residential street, especially outside my house.
There’s one I pass on my way to work that I absolutely hate. It’s been decorated with all sorts of rubbish and you can hardly tell what it is. I often drive past it at night and it looks like an animal about to run out across the road.

I think it's a bit weird. Ppl want to remember someone where they died? Why not the good part of their life, not the dying part?

 I know i think we deal with death in the wrong way. I've made my wishes for my passing clear to my husband. Celebration of life. i want a party with my favourite foods, drinks & dancing.
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 But how do you know they aren’t doing that too? There is no right or wrong way to deal with death.
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I don't really understand them. As another poster said, why have a memorial in the spot they died? I do like how in SA I think it is they have road markers on the sides of the roads in different colours to show where casualties and fatalities have occurred, so they remind you to take care.

I never understood the need. E.g. if someone dies tragically from a shooting, or cancer, the shrine doesn't stay up in the hospital, palliative care, at the scene of the shooting for ever etc. So not sure why roadside we plaster it with photos, flowers etc. Put it at the grave / resting place. I find it distracting.

Yes I do think so, but it is important for the family and friends of the person who died. And as I've had in laws die in car accidents, I can respect how important that is. It is also important to remind everyone to drive safely.

There are so many around my area. My little girl asked me if I was going to bury her in our front garden when she dies. I wondered where the question came from until she said “ like all those other people who have flowers and crosses in their front yards”. As long as they’re neat and tidy I don’t mind. It serves as a reminder and some families like to visit the place where their loved ones took their last breath.