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Are ppl in Melbourne still sending their kids to kindergarten and daycare? We aren’t sure what to do....


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Seems silly they have us in a 6 week lockdown yet kinder is starting back up again next week. Bit of a contradiction

 This is why it's still spreading. Lock everything down for 6 weeks and watch it disappear.
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Oh god no, literally spreading like wildfire here at the moment, we are sitting tight for 6 weeks!

They're both still up ND running but no I wouldn't. There's a thing where the govt will pay the gap if kept home from daycare because of covid reasons so you won't lose the spot

I am sending mine to 3yo. It's once a week and they have great precautions in place.

Are you both essential workers??
If not, then they shouldn't be going.

 Yes, we are both working.
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I’m not in Melbourne but even I know the answer to that.

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