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Eyebrow tattoos?

Has anyone here had their eyebrows tattooed? Not the old fashioned, two lines on your face like my nan had (😳) but the feathering tattoos they do now? I really want to get it done, but don't actually know anyone who has! Opinions?


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My mum got it done. I think it looks really good on her but they're a light brown colour so I don't know if that makes a difference

I was looking at some before and afters today and to be honest I thought it looked awful 😕 I don't know how I'd deal of they fu***d it up and I ended up with permanently messed up tattoos on my face.

They go green! I don't care how many of them say their ink doesn't get that green tinge, IT DOES! I have seen so many girls that jumped on the wagon early with green-ish eyebrows now that have to keep getting it redone. Gross, I'd rather no eyebrows than green eyebrows.

 I think you can get 'temporary' ones done that last about a year. Do you know if they go green too? I thought they just fade over time.
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 If you get brown not "black" (green) they don't get that tinge
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 even the brown turn green tinted eventually!
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A mum from school did it and hadn't told abyine she was having it done. She said oh look I've hd them done. They looked awful. Like black stripes. We had a giggle after she left.

Had a mate who did it, she regrets it big time. They need to be re touched up and she needed laser to remove all hair first.

Please don't.

OP Lol after reading these comments, I don't think I will 😋
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Ive seen it done well and seen it done badly (too obvious and not matching hair colour). Make sure you see a few examples of their work and go easy at first. Remember that eyebrow fashions change so go subtle or you might regret in 20 years.