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Do you tell your spouse and your children everyday that you love them?


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I say it to my kids all the time so they know how I feel about them and they always feel loved. Also showing them too but telling them I’m proud of the people they are. I’m really trying with my kids as I feel they need it ans I feel I needed something like that as a kid I didn’t get. My partner, I tell him and he responds but it’s purely a response and I don’t think he feels it with me anymore. Same as another poster, he cheated and I don’t know how much love is actually left but I try and show him I still care and while he responds, I know it’s not heartfelt and he never says it on his own

I tell my kids I love them everyday.
As for the husband, I've written it once in a card this year. We both stopped saying it this year. I think we both know our marriage is over. My love for him slowly vanished after his affair, as not enough responsibility was taken and no real reconncillation was done. I've also come to realise that he is a narcissist. His main attention is on business. We just focus on the kids and our business now. I'm in the process of healing myself (on my own) and working on an exit plan.

 Hugs babe x
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Absolutely. At the end of every phone call and every time we go in different directions. I grew up in a family that never said it and I don't want that for my husband and children. It sucks never recalling my parents say those words

Yes, and they think I'm a fa***t.
Dont care - still tell them everyday

 !!! Me too!! All day every day!!!!
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Yes when I give my kids a kiss when I drop them at school and at bed time. Also my partner each time we talk on the phone as he is working away.

Yes - even when I'm cranky at my kids. My parents never said it, or anything positive or encouraging. We were just an inconvenience.

As for DH, I increasingly find it forced to say so (as I suspect does he). We still say it though. We try.

Yes multiple times per day. I never heard it as a kid and I want my kids to know they are loved and that their parents love each other.

Always. When my husband goes to work, and when I drop the kids off to school.

Kids many times a day
Husband rarely not sure I do love him in a way that prompts me to say it anymore

 Same here
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