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What type of phone do you guys all have, how much did you pay, upfront or monthly?

Just curious about other mums!


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Samsung s8 plus. I got refurbished (not a mark on it) for $649 online. Paid outright. My BYO plan is far too good to change.

Moto g4 play was around $200. I pay $30 a month in credit.

Samsung s7, bought outright for around $700. Normally I'd buy online for cheaper, but my previous phone died so I went to jb HiFi. I'm on Woolworths prepaid $20 a month, get plenty of credit and data for me.

Samsung Galaxy 9, $100/ month. Unlimited calls & texts, plus 100GB Data (I can't get NBN where I live, it's gotta be mobile data)

Pixel 2 XL, 114/month with 50gb data and unlimited everything else

I have a pre paid samsung, it was about $200 and I spend $50 a month on credit and it includes free calls and text.

iPhone 8. On an unlimited plan that includes an iPad for $125/month. I bargained Telstra down. They will do anything if you annoy them enough.