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Relationship advice

OK - I have a long term partner and we have 3 kids together, but none together - if that makes sense. We have (for the most part) been happy but lately I have began speaking with another man I met through one of the kids sport game. I am finding myself extremely attracted to this man and he seems very kind, genuine and caring which is mostly what my SO lacks. Guess I don't know what I am asking for, just wanted to get it off my chest.


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This sounds dangerous. Speak to your partner about what you're lacking. Don't find it elsewhere

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

 No, it’s not. Lots of drama, bad feelings and instability that your kids really don’t need in there life. Put more effort into your relationship and talk to him about what’s lacking.
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They all seem great at the start luv. Grass isn't always greener.

Please. Do not do it.
Keep him in the wank tank but don't let him materialise in your real life.
What kind of man would be happy to destroy a family?
Not the kind of man you need.
Nor do your children.

His being all those things to get down your pants. I’ve been there! I don’t regret it as I had my own reasons for cheating. Men love the thrill of the chase and will be whoever they need to be to get it.

 ^Not every one behaves like this
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 Yeah i'm sure he's a great guy that's about to cheat
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 ^ It says NOT everyone behaves like this. It's not necessarily referring to him...or her
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 ^which comment exactly are you attempting to correct?
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 He's** being all those things to get down your pants.
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 ^^ Agree
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Oh honey be careful xx he probably seems all of those things because you don’t have responsibilities etc. together. You have just the fun chatting.
Even if you do feel like it is definitely over you need to leave maybe think of doing that first and then pursuing.

I would ask myself in this situation if I was on my own with three kids do I think this person would still be interested ? Then you have your answer.

 Probably having kids doesn’t stop men from wanting to have sex with you. Who’s saying she wants to run off with him and get married? Maybe she’s just looking for a little fun.
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