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Baby Formula

Currently combo feeding my 5 week old. Can I give him more than the recommended amount it states on tin? Is it safe?


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I'm not naturopath and doula - if your child is hungry, feed them. If they are being fed, held and loved, they will grow strong, healthy and happy. A tin label is a guideline, but follow your instinct as a mum - you'll know best about what your baby needs.

My son was eating double what they recommendedn pretty much from the beginning. He leveled off around 3-4 mos old, but still always took a little extra. I saw a pediatric nutritionist. She said his weight gain was normal, growth too. No spitting up, or digestion issues. He is now 9, tall for his age and lanky. He eats a lot, just always has. He won a chicken wing contest today against grown men! After he ate a piece of pizza aND spent 2 hours running around the boucers. Check with your doc, but you know your kid. If he's hungry, let him eat. His brain and body are growing very fast. He needs a lot of fuel

 Thank you so much for your helpful advice. And hi 5 to you Mr 9 lol 💪🏻
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 Not everyone breastfeeds and some have to supplement. I wish instead of being judgemental or accusing me being a bad mom, the doctors amd nurses had been more helpful when I was unsurem
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It's fine, have had two bubs over eat and technically it's just the body preparing to grow. If Bub wants a bottle, feed Bub! If Bub wants boob, feed Bub! :-)

As long as you make it to the specs (eg. 1 spoonful to 30ml of water) you can give him as much as he wants. He wont take it if he isn't hungry so if he wants more then he's still hungry.