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We have fine kids and I’m a sahm. My husband lost husband job this summer and we have taken a job that is significantly less. It is awful. I need some inspirational words on surviving this.


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Have you adjusted your income estimate with Centrelink , you should be entitled to a fair amount of Ftb with five kids and a low income.

You can do it! Look for free activities to get out of the house.

 Im thinking meeting the basic requirements to pay bills/mort or rent/food is going to be tough, let alone free activites.....
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 I sympathise greatly about losing the job, but they made an active choice to have 5 kids. Did they not consider what they would do if such a thing happened? I hope that they can find a way out.
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Think of this as temporary. Honestly there is so much you can do but you will need to adjust yr standard of living to avoid getting into debt. But u can learn good money tips now for life! Join Simple Savers page on fb for heaps of tips. Also second hand selling pages in yr area. You can sell off old toys and clothes household items and also buy a lot of what you need second hand. Meal plan and budget see where yr money is going and how to cut back. For eg cook biscuits and cakes instead of buying packaged food. See the local councils free financial adviser. Make sure yr getting all yr centrelink entitlement. If you have a health care card then you can get food hampers and help with bills from salvos vinnies and chuches. Join survey sites u can do from home i made $1500 the year i did this. Join flybuys and maximise yr points from offers i made $1600 last year that covered xmas. Join focus group sites you can make the odd $100 doing these. Most importantly remember free fun is still free! Parks beaches boardgames pizza popcorn and movie nights yr kids will remember the time not the cost. There are also lots of free community activities to do. Look on their websites and in local paper.

Sell off what you can. Look at reducing housing and transport costs. Make it a family challenge and get the kids involved.

Thanks mama i have Been. I teach paint classes very part time and he just took a paper route in addition to husband full time job ans its still way less 😖