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Do you take recreational drugs?


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Nope, never been interested in them either.

 Same here
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 Me too
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Nope, never have.
I'm too much of a control freak, I would freak out if I felt out of control lol.

 Same. Been around a lot of options and have babysat others taking them, but never want to be that vulnerable myself. The idea has always scared me.
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 Exactly this. Who wants to be that out of control and have crazy shit happen. Idea has never appealed to me.
I’m addicted to sugar so that’s a drug enough for me 😝

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 Go us 😘
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No it is illegal please consider this when you buy drugs it is going to impact your family

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 Your conviction
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 & Bringing the wrong sort of people into your life
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Nope I like my brain too much and I don’t like the idea of relinquishing control

I did when I was younger but never again once I had kids.

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I had a recreational ecstasy and speed year in my early 20s, but I ended up sick hospital because drugs are illegal for a reason

 You were doing it wrong clearly. Thousands of people take these every day and they don't end up in hospital.
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 Omg. That reply. Wow
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 ^^ maybe you just got lucky? Plenty of people get sick even die after taking it just once. How can you know for sure what’s in what you’re taking?
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 LOL! "You're doing it wrong, clearly"? What in the hell kind of brain-damaged response is that?
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 ^somebody who can understand statistics. You are way more likely to die from alcohol but that's perfectly legal.
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In taking a drug, you relinquish all control of what you are putting in yourself to others. Maybe its clean, pure.... or maybe its cut and mixed with any number of poisonous components. Might as well ingest poison and take your chances.... oh and another thought..... why do drugs at all

 You do know that you can test drugs, right?
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I did alot when I was younger.
Now I maybe smoke weed 3x a year. Yeah get hammered for that but I don't care. I share a joint with a girl friend, eat some food then fall asleep haha.

If I could afford it I’d have a night out on E now & again - love it! Also used to enjoy the odd session of weed but my work does random drug tests so that’s out the window. I’m pretty annoyed that I no longer have the freedom of choice over my own body due to work. I sit at a desk for goodness sake, I’m no danger to anyone & would never go to work stoned anyway but as it stays in the system so long I can’t do it anymore 🙁

I smoked a lot of weed.
I tried most other stuff
E, mushrooms, speed, coke, I think I may have smoked crack once. Acid.

I haven’t done anything but weed for probably close to ten years.
And haven’t smoked weed for a few years either. I had a puff last time and that was it after that I thought never again.
I don’t even drink anymore real maybe a couple times a year.

I did. Smoked a lot of weed in my 20s. More than a recreational user. Haven’t touched it in more than a decade