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What would you do if you win the lottery?


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Let's say 2.5 million...
10k to close friends (100k)
250k to my MIL (and tell her not to tell FIL cos we'd probably only give him about 20k out of good will)
Pay 200k mortgage
Buy 500 k beachfront unit
Live off 700 a week for renting our current house
Buy a small caravan in our holiday spot.
Pay 200k off our investment (would return 500 a week)

Then the intrest is spare money off the rest of it in the bank and would withdraw as nesisary (kids cars , our car, kids mortgages eventually ect ect)
We'd still live the same budget but we'd retire and travel wherever we so felt homsesxhookibg

Iv thought this through too much

Leave my husband!!!

 Hed still grt alot of it
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 Don't care...I would still be able to leave with more than I have now. I would want him to be set up anyway because my kids will still spend time with him (I hate his f*cking guts but he is still my kids father).
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 This is exactly what I would do too. We are separated and this would sure take an immense amount of pressure off the situation....provided all parties are fair and reasonable!!!!!
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 He won't necessarily get half. If you talk to a lawyer before you take the ticket in, you might be able to have it all.
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 You could put the money in a very trustworthy relatives name, then leave, he can't take any then.
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I would payout everyone’s laybuys at big w and target in my smallish town. Anonymous of course.

I would down scale what I had won to everyone I know, Some to my parents, my siblings are all doing very well and treat me like a lower class to them so they can all get fu***d. A few of my cousins and friends I would help out in different ways, nothing crazy.
I wouldn’t go crazy with house and cars and all the materialistic crap. I would research schools in coastal areas and buy modest nearby, buy a Mini Cooper cause I know that’s what my 6 year old twins would love!
Regular holidays. random spontaneous stuff like Japan for cherry blossom season, South African safaris. I have lots of friends abroad, would visit them all often, maybe move closer to them for a year or two before settling somewhere coastal.

 I love lay-by, that is such a fantastic idea, if I won tattslotto, I might just steal you idea!!
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Pay off my house, buy another house. Upgrade my car, get some much needed surgeries done in the family. put money aside for son's future and university. Invest the rest and live off the interest every month if I win a couple of million

Last year I won $50m
Gave $5m to animal shelter
Invested in bank $25m
Paid my parents remaining mortgage $250k
Bought block of land and had 5 3 bedroom units build and rent for $300 fortnight for low income families and did extensive research if the people are genuine
Bought them cars $19k
One year insurance and rego
After that their responsibility

 Bought house for myself and our 8 kids
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 This is the way I want to spend my dream lottery money ...
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It depends on how much we won. But i think i would use the money to fix the house and pay bills. Then i would do something fun for the kid- like an overseas holiday to see snow. That's if it were a small amount say 50k. If it was any more than that i would definitely help family and friends out financially or practically (ie buy a car for them because they arent capable of being responsible with cash). I likely would continue my studies as well.

How much are we talking here? Several mil? I'd pay off our shit and go abroad permanently. 3 mil Australian is about what 1.75 mil euro. That's enough for a nice little property in Ireland, and the set up of a business. Any more money than that and I could bring out the in laws and my family too. At least for a holiday.

After all the usual stuff already mentioned here, I’d take my kids to their favourite store and let them fill a trolley with whatever they wanted. I’d give cash to my brother, the only sibling who understands me and has time for me. I’d also share with my two genuine friends. I’d also do random acts of kindness like paying for someone’s groceries or petrol and hand out bunches of flowers to the oldies at the shops who look lonely.

Pay off our debts and put myself and my husband through uni. Then, I don't know, a holiday would be nice. Maybe put some into a trust fund for each of my kids.

I don't do lotto so I've never thought about it, but prob start with buying a house and giving some to family, probably donate to some decent charities etc and go from there.

I wouldn't be sitting here answering this question 😂

Hire a nanny!! And buy a house big enough so she could live in her own self contained apartment 😂 if I'm a millionaire there is no way I'm doing the drudgery of parenting anymore I'll just do the fun stuff abd bedtime stories!

 I'd get someone to do all dinners, cleaning and laundry.
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 I nannied for many families just like this, you miss so much!!! Just get a daily cleaner and a chef. Your kids will thank you for it 😍
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 You could get a nanny housekeeper. The nanny could babysit if you went out. I was a nanny too, the kids end up closer to the nanny than the parents!
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Hopefully it would be a lot 😋
*pay off debt
*finish landscaping at our place
*sell this place
*buy a place with some land and already built house
*upgrade cars
*give some to family
*invest so we could live off the interest
*id still work but do something I want to do or something just to earn spending money I know hubby would retire.
Not asking for much lol

If we are talking a large amount I would:
- Pay off debt
- Buy a house
- Upgrade cars
- Put money away for the kids for their future
- Help family out - I'd send my parents on an overseas holiday and give my brothers and few grand each.

Basically I'd set myself up, set my kids up and help my family.

Ive never bought a single lotto ticket and have no intention to so i could never win haha.

Id love to buy a gorgeous old restored queenslander on the side of the hill and give 10% to charities.