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Process of starting child support?

My relationship is going through a bad patch and I'm starting to seriously look at all my options as my husband has gone away to have some time off and I'm unsure of the future. Were we to separate, what do I need to apply child support and is it complicated? It's difficult right now as my husband is not working but would work were he to go overseas again(likely) and the country has links to Ausralia in childsupport agreements, but if he doesn't work is it still possible?


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I called as soon as my husband said he wanted time to think. He needed to understand if that is the path he wants to take, this is the cost of child support.

 So you basically black mailed him into staying with you? Why is it that when cracks appear in relationships women pull out how much they would get in CS? Wouldn't you be better going to counseling and trying to work out why he felt the need to 'think'? Why force someone to stay with you if they don't want to be there and are not happy?
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 He wanted the easy way out, his reaction was priceless.
Though we co parent well now.

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What sort of questions do they ask? as im about to do this.

Just call them all done over the phone

 Well I hope she rang them already and didn't wait 2 months for someone to answer on here
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