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What cruise would you recommend?

Husband and I would like to fly to Singapore then do a cruise. Has anyone done this? What ship would you recommend? We’d only have a week.


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I can't remember the terminology, but I know of someone who did a cruise I think from Singapore and it was a 'culturally aimed' cruise (sorry, seriously can't think of what it was called) and it meant it was almost exclusively aimed at Chinese people, but when they booked no-one explained what it meant, so they didn't realise (they figured it was starting in a different country, of course it will be cultural). They were one of about 3 Caucasian couples on the ship. Menus in the restaurants were laminated pages of photos of the food. When sales were on in the shops they were packed and throwing items over their shoulders onto the floor if it wasn't what they wanted. The person complained saying it was a safety issue, and was told oh at least they are enjoying themselves. They ended up getting a good portion of their money back. They did say that the one benefit was going to a bar was great, as hardly any of the Chinese drink, so they didn't have to wait. So just double check that your cruise is what you want it to be 🙂

 Wow, how awful! Thanks so much for that. I’ll definately check the details.
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