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Organising an activity for kids at the school grounds

Wondering if anyone has done this and what the response has been from the school,? Whether it was freely provided by you, or you had to rent the room to charge? I’m thinking of having a music club after school for kids in a specific year. When I was living in Sydney it was quite normal but I haven’t seen it here in WA. Did you have to contact Department of education? Is it even allowed? I am employed as a tutor in a few private schools but don’t have a teaching degree, so I’m wondering what to expect. How headmaster isn’t the greatest.


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From experience, most of the after school clubs held in the schools my kids go to were usually organised by the P & C. Maybe talk to them first. If you have their support, you might find dealing with the principal easier.

 Thank you for that, it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to check with p and c. Will do, cheers
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Couldn’t you hire a room at a local community centre or library? Usually these are free for student activities. I have a community centre opposite my kids primary school and there are a few others around my area too. I know my primary doesn’t hire out rooms, nor does my kids highschool. I’m in WA. Do speak with the P&C tho, they may be able to help you.

 Thanks, I wanted it at the school because of the convenience to parents and kids. I know there are ready a couple of things held, like a paying chess club, and a parent run band.. so that’s why I ask, I know in the past they have hired out rooms also, like on weekend for soccer. Thanks for your ideas
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 No worries, with other activities happening it sounds like the school would be happy to accommodate you. Good luck, and good on you for doing something for the kids.
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There would almost certainly be a cost involved in hiring the room. At our school even private music teachers have to pay a rental fee for using the music rooms even though they are literally designed for music lessons & would be standing there empty otherwise!

 Thank you, have you got even a guess at how much?
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Why are you asking a forum and not your kids’ school directly?! What even goes through some people’s minds 🤯

 Because I just wanted to be annoying. Why are you even posting if you aren’t interested
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 OP don't worry about old misery guts.
I think you're smart to canvas a bunch of mums for a bit of research. There is an after school music program at my children's school occasionally. I think they make a 'donation ' in return for use of a class room.

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 This post is a million times better than the other shit that gets asked.
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You can rent rooms but have to pay.

 Any idea how much?
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