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Is hubby romantic? 💕

What does he do?


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As romantic as tinea.

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He doesn't do flowers, chocolates or cards and most special activities we both plan. But he is romantic in his own way he will wait up when I am out no matter how late, gives up his weekend to support me at my sport, makes me practical things and always makes me coffee

 He sounds like a great catch 🥰
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Yes especially when it comes to mothers day and my birthday. He'll plan everything from breakfast to dessert 💕

No :( thinks having sex is romantic. Breaks my heart. He just says it’s how he is. I feel like everyone’s love language is different but surely you need to compromise a bit with each other!?

 My hubby is a bit like this , never actually go out on dates or gets me presents or things like that. But when I'm sick or something he always comes through, he tells me he loves me multiple times a day and can be very affectionate, which for him leads to sex.. sometimes annoys me but his view is that he can't have his hands on me for to long before he gets worked up 😂
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I would say more affectionate than romantic but he does try 😂🥰

Yes and no. Doesn't do flowers, chocolate, jewellery or sweet talk - but sometimes surprises me, like at Christmas handmade a bath shelf for me to hold my book and stuff when I take a bath. I think he's just practical.

Only since he had an affair and I kicked him out..3 years ago. Decided to work on marriage and he’s so scared of losing me again he’s a whole new person. Always romantic and loving now.

 I was I could go back in time & kick my husband out (for doing the same thing). I was shocked, scared & heart broken .... I didn't know what to do
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