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"Kitchen" beauty

Have an advocado, tumeric and honey face mask on. Anyone else experimented with making food grade beauty products? Any recipes you want to share?


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Brown sugar and coconut oil scrub
Use it before you shave your legs and they will be smooth as F€¥€!

Brown sugar and lemon juice face scrub

OP Curious to know if this helps with dark patches on skin?! I love the idea of a sugar scrub for my face so definitely giving it a try.
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OP Ps. Thanks!
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 OP of comment. I don't know but it could because I'm super pale and so are my mom and grandmother, who also use this. No sun spots or liver spots or acne scars.
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A get a whole custard tart and smash that onto my face.

Coconut oil, bicarb soda, cornflour and tea tree oil as deodorant. No recipe as such though.

Brown sugar or rock salt with coconut oil and oats makes a great scrub/exfoliate.
Honey and lemon face mask works well for blackheads.
Coconut oil is a great treatment for hair.
Milk and gelatine is a great mask to peal off.

 Also egg, honey and coconut oil works so well as a hair treatment, it is just super sticky.
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My mum swear by rock salt rubbed all over before a shower. Works better than 'the crap you pay $50 for at those stupid shops, darling. Why do you like like to pay for crap?' 😂

 Yeah you can mix it with coconut oil so it moisturizer too. Black pepper is meant to be good for firming the skin
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