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What is the furthest you would drive to take your children to and from school?

I live in an area where the local school is only about six minutes away (driving time), but another school is 30 minutes away, but has better opportunities, is a nicer school etc......

So first school is 24 minutes all up travel time each day, and second school will be 2 hours.

Which option would you lean towards?


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The closer school. Your children will make friends who live close by. The 'nicer' school doesn't necessarily have higher quality teachers & mean a better education.

 Move house to the better area.

Then you'll no longer be living in a dump in a crap area, with crap schools.

Win win.

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Until high school we did the local public school. For high school, we offer the option of the private school 35 mins away. So far 2 out of 3 in high school.chose private school for better opportunities. The other chose because his dream is vocational not academic and I will use his high school tuition fund for trade school upon graduation.

I could have sent my daughter to a school that the bus stops at our letterbox, but we heard some bad reports about that school so I drive 17km each way to get to another schools bus stop. My child is now reading above her year level. I'm glad I made that decision.

Kids get taught the same in all schools, some may have better facilities which may influence your decision. The biggest factor is which is in a better socioeconomic area. It's sad but this will have a huge influence on the friends your child makes and how well they do at school.

I drive 30 mins each way for my child's preschool. We have lots in our area but I feel this one is great and I wanted her to go there. It is hard though. It's a lot of driving and my other child has to sit in the car which she doesn't like

 I also go through a lot of petrol
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 Thankyou for your response :)
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Closer is better. Spend the extra time you save doing homework with them

I would also go with the closer school. Because we moved around with rental houses, I tried to keep my kids in the same school, sometimes that meant a bit of a drive (about 20mins). If anything happens to the car, kids get sick and need to be picked up, you are running are running late, it can be much harder. Also you spend a lot of time in the car , which to me is time wasted not to mention petrol costs. Having said that, growing up my school was 40 mins from home. Wasn't a biggie but we were in high school.