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Deducting the cost of new school uniforms from child support

Ex wife and I have always shared school uniforms. She has very recently decided that she wont be sending the school uniforms anymore and that I need to provide these my own for the children whilst they are in my care. Fair enough. Our parenting plan is very detailed and it was agreed she would provide the school uniforms. Can I deduct the cost of the new uniforms from the child support, provide her with a receipt, pay the balance and a quick explanation of whats occured and that the uniforms are to be shared between both houses as per the parenting plan?


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It is as per parenting plan don't deviate it creates issues. Tell her if she wishes to change then it's time for a nw agreement as a Lawyer I have seen this too much. Don't leave the pathway it gets messy.

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Hi everyone thanks for responding.
The parenting plan was put in place through mediation and negotiation. I dont just pay child support I pay well above and beyond that and for things that I have been told were included in the child support assessment as well as a bunch of other things that are not. I requested the issue of school uniforms be in the parenting plan when it was hashed out and agreed too but she insisted that she buys the school uniforms because there is literally two days a year that the kids will start off from my house to go to school without one - meaning they usually come home in their uniform and then we wash it and they go off to school the next day in the same uniform again. It was taken up many times with the outcome always being the same - that she is going to buy them and i can if i wanted too but its basic stuff and she is the primary parent so its not required. I responded to her recent change that I buy my own with "but its not what we agreed to and is written in the parenting plan" her response "well its not in the parenting plan that I need to provide school uniforms for you house".
We have a private collect arrangement so I just pay it into her bank account and child support are not invovled at all aside from the yearly assessments.

 Don't buy uniforms, just send the kids in casual and write a note. Stop paying the extra money and go though child support agency.
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OP They dont want to have anything to do with us aside from providing the new assessment when the care changed and the new assessments for the yearly adjustment. Its not a court ordered assessment and they wont alter the payment from private collect to CSA collect for the same reasons.
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 Ok. Just deduct the cost of uniforms then
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 You can always change from private collection to csa collecting it
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 Not with a court order you can't. Go back to court. Don't let her take you for a ride.
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My partners kids get dropped off on Friday night with nothing for the weekend. He sends the kids to school in what their mum sent them in on Friday night. Her reasoning is it gets lost (it doesn't).

 Perhaps you could do the same.
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Just deduct $10 a week from child support, if she complains just say as per your request we are no longer going halves in uniform. You will come out better off, and she will learn not to play pointless games.

Child support is all you need ro pay regardless of the parenting agreement. I would seriousky see a family lawyer now and get their opinion of the plan. Also contact xhild support for a new assessment and tell them they are to collect that and pay her. That way its all legit and you are not being taken for a ride.

If you are happy to pay the extras for your kids by all means do it, kids shoukdnt miss out on little luxuaries because of pafents. However you dont HAVE to pay more than what child support has discussed and assessed.

Please seek legal advice I feel you have been taken advantage of

Do your tax and get a reassessment, let child support collect the child support for her. Screw the private collection.
Why bother doing detailed parenting agreements if they are not followed.
Don’t buy the uniforms

Is she the resident parent? Parenting plans aren't enforceable so she can make you buy your own uniform. But you can also refuse to pay for things too like school fees, excursions etc. My ex and I buy our own uniforms for the kids, I have cheap kmart stuff inc shoes they were when dad is picking them up, as thats what he sends them in.

No, you will get a debt for the deducted amount. I suggest you just buy uniforms for your days.

You'll need to re-hash your parenting plan or speak to her about it. You blantantly stated that it is in your parenting plan, take a photocopy of that particular page and send it to her. Depending on what you pay for child support, wouldn't you just go and buy 1-2 sets of uniforms just so you have a spare set at your place anyway?