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financial stress

I am happy I have 1 child and not be stressed
how many here regret having more then 1 or 2 kids

I would regret having 6 kids to different men
poor kids miss out on attention and eating quality food and wearing nice clothes


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Ooookay then??????
I'm one of 7 kids and never missed out on anything worthwhile. Maybe as a teen I didn't go out to parties every weekend like some of my friends, but I didn't want to anyway. There's nothing quite like the look of admiration your younger siblings give you when you teach them something new and cool. My brother wouldn't eat meat for my mum or step dad, but he would for sissy. Family comes first, whether that be 6 kids to 6 different dads, or 1 kid to 1 parent. The quality of love isn't diminished by the number of recipients.

 Great answer :)
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 Kids don't care about those kind of things, unlike cruel heartless adults like you.
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 ^please explain?
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 Sorry, some rude so and so said to her that she reckons she would've been picked on and would've had no friends. I was just sticking up for this lady, the comment has obviously been deleted.
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I have five kids to the same man we are truly blessed to be financially stable but don't judge anyone same Father different father's wealthy low income as long as you love your kids they won't remember all that bs about not having a flash house car etc I know I came from a large low income family

I'm one of six and I never missed out. I have only 2 kids and regret having kids at all as I feel I'm not good at being a mum, and I have health issues. It's not how many kids it's how good you are as a parent.

 Worrying that you are not a great mom is a sign that you probably are a great mom! If you didn't care, you wouldn't keep striving to be better. We are all just winging it, in truth, as there is no manual up in there when they yank bubs out. You'd think adoption agencies might tuck one in with all the paperwork but nope... Your kids are lucky to have a mon who wants to be and do the best she can all the time!
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I think people today are so caught up in material things and forget that love goes a long way. A child in a wealthy home can still be neglected it's a different kind of neglect.

There's a lady at our playgroup who pretty much comes only to have everyone else look after the two older ones while she holds the baby. She has more in primary school. She can't keep up with them and expects everyone else to I'm fed up. The other day she washed one of her kids hands then walked off. So everyone else had to wash the others. I love big familys but you have to be organised. Also its not relevant how many dads.

Am I being too harsh? Even the teachers roll their eyes.

 No, you are not harsh, don't have them if you are not responsible.
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I have a family of 7, and not that it's your business, but one dad. We do not struggle. As the CFO of the house, it's my job to budget properly. We take vacations, our kids have nice things, I've never had a problem staying on top of things and caring for them. I will admit, I struggled when one of my children was born with a physical disability, but my family, friends, and community rallied around us. "It takes a villiage," right?

Family is more important than money to me. I don't regret my kids, I love them and feel very lucky to have them in my life.

I think your assumption that kids from big families must be missing out is wrong. I've known many large families with very well adjusted, happy, healthy kids. Large families can still wear nice clothes and eat good food. One of the best cooks I've ever met had 9 kids and I loved the treats/dinners etc that she made them!

Kids in large families would get lots more attention from playing with each other too.