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Why do people waste money on toddler formula ? Give the toddler cows milk


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I just breast feed . Why would I give them another species body fluids ?

 Yuck after 12 mths
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 Some women can't breastfeed
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 Unnecessary comment.
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 Lol. I clicked on this question just to see what response anti milk mum would make 😛
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 Another species milk 😂 I hope you don't eat anything from other animals, or plants or the earth? They all belong to some /something else.
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 No I don't
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Some children are intolerant to cows milk like my daughter. She would have her whole body covered in eczema. Maybe look outside your narrow view and stop judging other people's choices.
If a child is fed and thriving who cares how or what that child is fed

 Does she get the reaction from formula though since they are cows milk base?
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 Exactly I agree with this response. My daughter was the same. Although allergic to milk she could tolerate the HA types and we gave it to her up to 3 years. Op of the overall question should stop spurring on judgement and if she was genetalky interested she should ask it without the superiority complex! This is why being a mother is tough because everyone else is all over you
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I agree they are not necessary for a normal healthy child. Definitely think it's a bit wrong for formula companies to advertise them as an alternative to food! The one where the formula guy zooms in and gives it to the dad who's trying to cook spaghetti for his kid makes me mad!
In the case of allergies I'd give soy or almond milk along with a normal diet rather than formula. Formula shouldn't be necessary as long as they're eating a range of nutritious foods.
Of course there are some situations where they are needed, like someone mentioned a child who is having trouble keeping weight on etc.

Toddler formula only exists because companies cannot advertise infant formula. They get their market by getting people suckered in. It's a catch 22 situation- child won't eat, give them toddler formula for nutrients, child not hungry, child won't eat. They perpetuate their own need!

 In my house it's take it or leave it
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 Same, though it can get get to the point where it's more important to have a healthy child than win the dinner battle.
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The doctor told me to put my daughter on toddler milk at that age because she just was not growing enough. She was a scrawny thing until I put her onto formula. So sometimes it's needed. And yes I gave her plenty of food and always healthy coz I'm a health nut but sometimes it's just needed. She just wasn't a big eater. She still isn't a big eater now 4yrs on. She loves her veggies meat and fruit but try getting breakfast into her it's a fight. She's happy for just an apple for breakfast which to me isn't enough.

There are so many lovely women on here who genuinely want to reply and help and just converse with another adult, yet here you are OP sprouting the same crap that you do. Are you that sad and have such little meaning in your life that you just troll the internet? Poor you, no one loves you.

My child had a swallowing issue when we started moving towards more solid foods. We're it not for purees and toddler nutritional supplement drinks, he would have been severely malnourished until the problem was corrected.