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Which brand pasta do you buy ?


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 This stuff is great doesn't fall apart like that budget pasta
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65c pasta for sure

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 Seriously? Like anyone can tell the difference between 60 cent and $3 pasta! Why waste money on name brands
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My son has Coeliac Disease so we use the Barilla gluten free. It’s $3.50 a box! Prior to his diagnosis though I had no problem using homebrand.

Depends on what I'm making. Lasagne means that fancy brand, f**k what's the name of it... that one that does the sauce and fresh pasta and shit.
Otherwise usually the cheapest pasta there.

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 Latina fresh?
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We went through a phase of making our own. So much nicer than the bought stuff. Not all pasta is equal. It’s effort for the few times a year we eat it, so now we just buy it. Usually san Remo, and it’s on special often enough.

By a chef's standard, we like our pasta overcooked, so 65c pasta it is! Very occasionaly will get egg pasta, but usually just the cheapo penne.

 I thought chefs liked it al dente!? Not judging at all just watched enough MKR to have a fake knowledge of this stuff😂
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 I meant personally we cook ours till it's soft (so passed the al dente stage), so a chef would tell me I've overcooked it 🙂
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 Ah I see
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If I am making lasagna I like to use fresh pasta, if its just to get mixed into a meal like savoury mince or tuna pasta bake I just use homebrand pasta shells.