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Do you regret the name you chose for your child/ren?


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The surname? Hahaha. Just kidding.
I love the names my girls have.

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Not at all! I love my girls names. Currently pregnant with #3 and I love her name too.

No. My daughter who’s 7 says she hates her name and has offered many alternative names. Some Are silly, some quite like!

 What’s her name ?
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 My 7 y.o Matilda also hates her name lol
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I named our son hubby named our daughter , not what I would have chosen but couldn’t image them as anything different . Aiden and Georgie

 I really like both! Good pick hubby 👍🏻
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One of my friends regrets the version of the name she chose, like think Lucy and Lucille kind of thing, she wishes she chose the other version. She didnt change it though.

I dont regret any of my kids names. I like them, but it was more DHs choice. He was so fussy about names!