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How much was your wedding?


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Around $7k all up. Was in 2005 though.

 Wow. Well done. Mine was about $26k in 2007.

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Why would my response get deleted from here ?

 Saying between 60-100k. Legit answer just no idea why it would get deleted...
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 Maybe someone put a nasty response. I'd be interested in how you celebrated your day x
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 Very true. Well thanks for asking!
It was huge. I married into a big ethnic family so a lot of traditions, and a lot of guests, so money wasn’t spared!
The evening there was about 400 guests to sit down and we had many courses. A lot more than 3 put it that way.
My dress was 12k alone. Look it was a lot of money but we could afford it and didn’t need to take a mortgage out.
If I had my time again or had a different f wedding (to the same man!)
It wouldn’t be the one we had. So money doesn’t buy everything. I get really jealous of people having 40-80 guests and only spending 10k total because then you’d be more selective in what you choose and have only who you want at your wedding

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 Well at least you married the man of your dreams. Good for you babe xx
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 There was a super nasty response which I reported. I won't go into detail about what the troll said but it was appealing. I only reported that comment but maybe they have to delete the whole response.
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 I’m glad I didn’t see it... responses like that are what keep me away from this website when not feeling great......
Just come here to see what’s going on or if anyone is writing anything worth reading or responding to. Time I stop responding!

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 Wow. I could have had 8 weddings for that. Kudos to you babe ♥️
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Less than $3K. That was in 2003. Church wedding, 250 people. Church was free, grandparents bought my dress as a wedding gift, sister did the same with the invitations. Friends provided the music at no cost. No formal sit down meal, just cake and nibbles. Our biggest cost was the photographer, he was around $500 I think. This was in another country in the small town we grew up in. It was cheap and it was perfect.

We tried really hard to keep costs down (did my own flowers, had the reception in our back garden, limited guests) but in the end with everything put together it would have been between 10,000 & 15,000. Looking back I probably shouldn't have spent so much on the dress - it was nearly $5000

I think around the $3K mark. 2/10 it was a very shit affair, would not recommend. I have so many things I'd do differently now.

2007. 80 people. Beach side restaurant.
Cost about $25k

Married in 2010 and I’d guess somewhere between $15-$20k. About $6000 for formal 3 course reception for 80ppl, $4000 for photography. They were our 2 biggest expenses. Dress, suits, cake, cars, flowers, DJ plus miscellaneous expenses would have all come in between 5-10k.

I'm not really sure, but probably about 20K max, including honeymoon. I feel it was less though. Can't remember, but we were happy with what we spent.

Roughly $25k in 2012. 3 course sit down meal for 107 people. Had a band etc.