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How much does a bathroom Reno cost? A gutting of walls, preferably saving the tiles.


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Depends if you can do a lot of the work yourself but you need to know what you are doing. We are doing a full house reno at the moment and I'd say the bathroom is costing about $3k and that's a full gut including all plaster. We have a free standing bath with just a glass screen for the shower. We have only paid for an electrician because we can do everything else ourselves or tradie mates have helped out.

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Thanks a lot.

We have two bathrooms.
Iv sourced the sink and cabinet for $120 on gumtree.
Want to knock the built in bath out I already have the bath I want in, it’s a stand alone bath. And then considering just a curtain rod in the shower.

The main cost is all the rotten wood in the window Cill (that sits right on the top of the bath 😒😩)
Probably the wall the adjoins the walk in robe.
The other two walls seem to be in good condition I wonder if they could be saved.

OP Sorry I mean we have two bathroom so a spare to use while renovating
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We did 2 bathrooms (en-suite and a main with three separate areas) for a little under 10K
We reduced costs by:
Own demo - tiles are very hard to save, they crack and chip easily.
Going to direct factory outlets for tiles, vanity and fittings - no custom fittings!!
Paying cash for tilers plumbers and electrical (ask the tradies what cash price they will do)
Own painting and caulking.
Moving plumbing is expensive... be ready for this if your house is really old.
Good luck

When had a bathroom reno done, floor to ceiling, completely gutted. The cost was $20k. But we also had the bathroom reconfigured so we could fit in a new toilet. Some adjoining walls in the corridor also needed replacing due to water damage. We also got all new tiles. It took around 2 months to complete. So if it’s your only bathroom, you will need to figure out an alternative. We bought a camping outdoor shower, which looked like a tent. Thankfully we had hot water still but it was a very long two months showering outside! If you need to do this, I would wait until after winter.