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Would you want an incinerator that burns garbage ( exhaust would be very clean with no CO2) that created power in your state?


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Maybe Sydney should do they’ll stop sending their damn rubbish to qld

 Fucken Sydney is a shithole
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 Yes it is
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Lol I'd be begging for it if I lived in SA 😂 At least then, there'd be consistent power.
But, I believe there would be negative repercussions that we're currently unaware of.
I think this would be an elegant solution to the current trash problem, but more needs to be done there. Like a return to much less plastic production, and more sustainable practices.
But in terms of creating electricity, this wouldn't be my first choice.

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Yep. They do it somewhere in Scandinavia for electricity. They had to start importing rubbish as they didn't have enough. Better than burying it. My mum believes in the future they'll start mining dumps to recover things like metals in the technology that's been dumped (before all the recycling programs started).

 Yep they actually make money because they buy in rubbish
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We will have to do something with the rubbish or we will drown in it.
I think it is a good idea, but combined with good recycling systems for all the plastic, wood and cloth that can be retrieved and re-purposed.

 I agree
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