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Hearing impaired toddler?

My toddler has a speech delay, she talks constantly but I can never understand what she says, she sounds deaf honestly.
She has constant ear infections, had a hearing test when she was 2 and said it was in a normal range, she is 2 and half now. If I ask her something or ask her to do something she has no idea what I’m saying unless I show her...
I am getting a referral to see a ENT.
Can anyone relate to this?
What symptoms did your toddler have that was hearing impaired?
Thank you :)


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I had similar with my eldest son. He reallly struggled with talking, couldn't put a sentence together and had a very limited vocab. In addition, it seemed that he couldn't understand or hear what I was saying. He had numerous hearing testing as hearing impaired was the first thought. They came out clear. The next step was the paeditirician. Eventually he was diagnosed with an intelligence disability and Autism.
I am not saying that this is the same for you by any means. However if her hearing test comes out fine, my advice is to get on the paeditirician straight aways as these things take a lot of time in the public system. We wasted time by gettting him speech therapy (as referred by health professionals) thinking that would solve the issue when it was much more involved.

 This is the exact same thing we went through with my son. Except he has only been diagnosed with ASD not intellectual disability. The time we wasted at speech therapy! OP....The wait time for an assessment in the public system is at least 12 months. Private assessment will cost you about $2k, some of which you night her back through PHI. Your speech therapist should have an idea if she suspects ASD or not. Has she mentioned it? If so, definitely worth your while getting the assessment done. My son went from non verbal to a virtual chatterbox within months of starting ASD specific therapy at age 4.
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Have you also considered seeing a speech therapist?

OP We have been seeing one, which hasn’t been really any improvement at all 😫
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One of the children I sit for had a speech delay and the flat tone associated with speaking deaf persons. It turned out he had an undiagnosed lip and tounge tie. His new dentist, a pediatric specialist, was the one that noticed it while he was filling a cavity that was caused by his tounge trapping food residue because it couldn't move freely. Anyway, fast forward 6 mos after a same-day surgery, his speech has greatly improved with minimal at home coaching and his behavioral issues have all but evaporated now that we can all understand him.

A lady at mothers group had something similar where her boy just babbled, no recognizable words and didn't respond to questions or prompts. I can't remember what the actual issue was but I think he got gromits?

My son wasn't a big talker until 2.5 but I had no doubts he could understand me, as I could ask 'what does a tiger say?' And he'd roar, or make whatever sound I asked. He could point to the person if I asked 'where's daddy?' etc. Trust your instincts 🙂

Is it just you that thinks this? I have a 2.5yr old too and I thought he had massive speech delays, he talks constantly but I can't only understand every third word then he started day care and the teachers were absolutely shocked about how well he speaks. They understand everything he says 🤷‍♀️

OP Nah even my family think the same thing,
She can’t put together sentences and can’t even ask for a drink or tell us when she is hungry.

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