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Primary school Teacher or Registered Nurse?

I can’t make up my mind which career path I want to follow, it’s either between primary teacher or nurse.
I would love to hear some feedback from other mums.
Thank you!


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A lot of teachers I know went back to uni to become nurses - because there is no take home work once you leave it’s done

 I agree. I'm a nurse and it's a hard (but rewarding) job. But once my shift finishes, I'm done. Yes, you may be asked to do overtime, but you can easily say no.
I see my best friend struggling with being a teacher due to all the extra work outside of school hours.
They are both very full on mentally, but teachers can't quite ever switch off as there's always lesson plans, report writing, extra things to attend outside of school hours etc.

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Answered by OP

Thank you everyone who has commented!
I love both the professions, I have always wanted to be a teacher but I’m a massive thrill seeker and think maybe teaching will be a bit boring for me but I’m also so into nursing because it’s exciting... hahaha this is going to be hard.

 If you're a thrill seeker, go nursing!
There are so many exciting areas you can go in to.

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OP I think I’m more leaning towards nursing at the moment, thinking of becoming a Enrolled nurse first then a Rn!
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In WA the is an over supply of teachers and nurses. Quite literally 100s without jobs or work. So maybe have a look into the job and work availability in your area as to what might be more beneficial, and consider whether you are prepared to move to a remote/country area to gain employment.

 Half the problem is the lack of willingness to move. When I lived in Darwin they were trying to recruit nurses from anywhere in Australia willing to pay them over $100 000 and they couldn’t ever get enough nurses. There are jobs you just have to be willing to move where the jobs are.
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 I live in regional WA and we need nurses, in nursing homes, casual pool at hospitals, doctors surgeries etc.
There are tons of jobs advertised for remote nurses. My sister in law has had about 3 weeks when she moved towns before she got a new job.
Maybe in Perth things might be different, but there is a whole state outside of Perth

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Stick to Making babies

OP Nah I’m done with breeding - maybe stick to not commenting? 🙂
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I was exactly the same! I chose teaching in the end and have found it great while having young children (weekends and holidays off). I have also found it extremely beneficial when dealing with my own children's education e.g. choosing schools and knowing exactly where they should be at and how to help them. There is a lot of work, but very rewarding. I am still contemplating doing nursing or child psychology later in life when my children are grown up .

 Teachers are lazy they shouldnt have so many holidays and complain about too much work
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 Teachers have to prepare lessons
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 If it's such a bludge job why aren't you doing it? TAKE ADVANTAGE of the cushy overpaid leisure cruise that is teaching!
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OP To whoever said being a teacher is lazy... you seriously have no idea and can not shame a profession which you obvisouly do not work in and know nothing about so please sit down and stop typing. 👍
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We need both. We need teachers to educate our children. We need nurses. Where do you feel you are being pulled closest

Primary teacher. If you don’t need a full time job, go relief teaching. It is what I’ve done. Perfect, best of both worlds. Good paying, don’t have to take work home.

They are two different professions, neither should be entered without consideration of how the work will fulfil an individual. Neither should be taken on as ‘just a job’ - a passion or strong interest in health/foundations of education is really necessary, otherwise patients/kids are on the receiving end of a poor deal. Don’t take on either because you think it will be easy, nursing & teaching have challenges that need to be acknowledged.

A teacher would be bloody hard work but rewarding and more family friendly.
A nurse would earn more but not as many perks.