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Do you or your SO buy a mothers day present for your step kids to give to their mum?


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I think the children's father SHOULD be helping them buy a gift, yes! Even if that's just giving them money for a card and something small and taking them to the shops. It's the right thing to do for your children, my daughter would be extremely upset if she had no means to get me a present.

Hubby was upset stepkids only wanted to get their mom a gift and not me so he wouldn't take them shopping. I'm not their mom; I only met them less than a year ago! I took them and paid. He is in the doghouse with me and them.

 That's beautiful your a lovely woman. They will remember what you've done for them and their mother.
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 That's very mature of you. Him, not so much (hope you're seeing the douchyness of this man right there).
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 I don't have my own kids yet, we do 60/40 with his ex. She has weekends and all school vacas. I'm feeling like he meant well and it got blown out of proportion. I the main caretaker for the kids all week. I think he wanted to make me feel appreciated and accepted. They are still adjusting to me. We'll find our balance.
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I did it. It's our first year doing mothers day as a "blended family." When we lived apart before we got married, we did it seperate. My children and I make very special gifts for their grand parents. It's always what we've done. I got enough for 4 grandmothers, because I couldnt dream of excluding my steppies. This year we made them herb garden window boxes (which meant talking his ex into taking me to her mom's house to measure the windows and get a feel for the appropriate design, AAAAKKKWWWAAAAAARRRRDDDD!) While we were on this recon mission, she was talking about Cinco de Mayo and loving Mexican food. So we made her a salsa garden for her windowsill and painted a special chips and salsa platter at the ceramic place for a little stepmother bonding one night while my ex had my kids last week.
Honestly, he can take all the credit or the kids can, as long as they make their mom feel special. My ex was not very good about rememberING mother's day or my bday, even before we split. It was fun to spend time with them. And I hope they realized I'm not trying to take their own mother's place.

 You sound like the kind of woman I hope my children have for a step mum! Happy mothers days
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 Thanks! I focus on being the kind the kind of co-parent I would hope my kids get if my ex ever closes the revolving door to his bedroom. That's also something I thought about when choosing a new husband. Is this someone my ex will be OK with around our children? It's about what's best for the kids, in the long run.
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If I had step children then yes I would.
I was a step child and used as a pawn. Horrible time of my life

If there's no one else to do so yes! Doesn't have to be expensive! Your also giving the kids the gift of giving

No we don't, because we discussed it with her and she said it isn't necessary. She and her sister take each other's kids shopping. She doesn't buy a gift for my partner on father's day, it's just whatever the kids make at school. Most of these holidays are commercialised and over the top, we are trying to raise our kids to know that they don't have to spend money to show they appreciate someone. Acts of kindness go a lot further.

Yeah we do- we give them 50 each ( all same mum) and they can chose/take her shopping. I usually suggest ideas like mani/pedi/movies/new bag etc so they have a general idea. Kids are 14, 12, 12 (twins) but he never gets a fathers day gift unless the kids make one (which at their age theyre kind of over 'crafts' lol... so i usually give them money and we go shopping to buy him something from them...

I had a family/newborn photo shoot done a few months ago and have an amazing pic of them on canvass to give their mum.