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Did your vagina look the same after giving birth?

by SAHM Staff Report

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Yes, Iv had 3 c sections, i have the vagina of an 18 year old

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 It’s the pressure of the pregnancy on the vagina not the actual delivery
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I've never looked closely, either before or after pushing out my babies but it took ages for it to feel normal after my first baby. Things felt normal faster after my second. My husband says sex feels the same as before kids, and it feels the same for me too. And that is more important than how it looks!

Oh my god. I looked at my vagina with a mirror about 2 hours after a vaginal birth. It took my breath away....but not in a nice way. It looked like the Grand Canyon. I was very aware and comfortable with how my vagina, labia and clitoris looked before childbirth. I think seeing it so swollen and feeling so different was a shock. After finishing breastfeeding and doing my excercises religiously I can say that it is back to a different type of normal....which I am soo very happy with.

Looks and feels the same, probably because I had c-sections lol.

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To quote my drunk father in law, speaking of his 3rd wife, "4 big headed kids and her shit is as tight today as the day we met."

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Yes, still neat and tidy after 3 vaginal births. Internally I have a little scarring and my muscles work a little different but sex is still great and snug 😊

I never looked at mine before. But it's definitely changed. I can see a bit of one inner lip from the outside now which I never used to be able to see

Me and my DP agree that it looks a little smaller.
When pregnant it just gets so puffy and yuck so after pushing a baby out of it it's all firmed back up to normal and it seems smaller than before it's probably not so my final answer is no. It hasn't changed.

No way. I have lots of scar tissue, and they couldn't stitch me up correctly. I was torn backwards, frontwards (right up to the clit) and deep inside. Although it does annoy me that I'm still split in some spots where I shouldn't be but I'm lucky because it once healed (which took at least 6 months) it hasn't caused any problems. Sex still feels good and bladder is still working fine. I figure only my husband is going to see how ugly it is now so who cares lol.

Mine has some scarring after having my second. He really tore me up πŸ˜‚

Haven't looked before or after so can't compare. Feels slightly different, I can feel a small scar from tearing. Sex has been much better since giving birth because husband is extremely well endowed and it was a bit uncomfortable for me sometimes previously. Now that things are a bit looser down there its all good.