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I don't want to have my in-laws nor my own parents around my own family until the virus is done and dusted.

I need advice

I'm trying to protect us from them and them from us.

Im terrified.

How do I get my husband to understand I'm scared, not being mean to his parents??

Please, all advice and POV welcome.

I am so scared going to work at the servo. They dont have screens or anything.


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People arent meant to be visiting anyone anyway!

 Yep! Sounds like OP isn't given the choice :(
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My mum is 72, sick with kidney disease and lives alone. Even she has the brains to stay inside to keep herself safe. She’s so lonely but we chat everyday and she knows it’s for the best. My in-laws are also 72. They’re in great health but staying home to keep safe. I don’t get how other people just don’t understand this. Point out out the facts to your husband. Show him the statistics of elderly dying.

It's wonderful that you're thinking of all those around you 💗

I don't thinks it's allowed anyway. There are So many rules I don't know what's what anymore. This is serious though. I really think you need to have a good chat to them. All the best to you and the fam ❤

We have already told both sides they can’t come over for now and they all understood. Just explain how you feel and that its not just his parents you are talking about everyone and that some people do not show symptoms. The less people everyone interacts with the better its to protect everyone

Wear a mask. Put your own line on the floor if they don't have one already. Wash hands often. Wipe everything often. Can you wear gloves for cash handling? I can't help you with you husband.