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Best cover letter tips

Have been applying for jobs but feel I lack with my cover letter. Was wanting tips. I’m really bad at talking myself up and don’t want to sound up myself either. If anyone has any tips I would be grateful to hear them. Thank you.


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Write a cover letter and resume tailored to the job you are writing for. Use the same language they do in the list of requirements

OP Thank you for the tip. I normally write them tailored for the job but haven’t used the same language that is in the ad. Will start doing that.
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 Great advice
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I found some examples on Pinterest and pretty much copied and pasted them and changed to my info, so it's a mush up of a few examples. You want to tell them why you are suitable for the job, how your previous experience/skills are transferable to the new job, not just rehash your resume.
Eg. My previous work in aged care demonstrates I can work with a wide variety of people with differing needs, including challenging behaviours.

OP That’s a brilliant idea. Will look on Pinterest for some inspiration.
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Following! I ended up just writing a quick gloss over of what was already in my resume plus a bit of personal info that I think might make me look good for the position. I would love to know what other people put in it.

OP That’s what I have been doing also. There’s some really good tips on this thread to help us both. Good luck with your job hunting.
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Add a professional photo to stand out

 If you're going to add a photo - the emphasis is on professional not a selfie. The amount of resumes I've seen with a selfie at the top just scream unprofessional.
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OP Professional photo does sound like it would make it stand out. Thank you for the idea.

To the above replier, that made me lol. Now all I can imagine is a bunch of cover letters with selfies with those Snapchat filters over them.

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Google examples for format, content etc

OP Thank you. Will google some too.
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I get so frustrated spending all that tinge on cover letters when so many wankers don't even bother to say thanks but no thanks.

 *time, not tinge
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