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Liking your own comments

Has anyone else realised that you can like your own comments on this forum, just go out and back into the question and voila, 'like' your own comment away


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PS don't forget to like my comment... Oh well doesn't matter if you forget, I'll just do it myself

I never like my own comments on here

 I lied
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Its funny when someone is arguing and all one persons comments have one like, you know they liked their own comment so it looks like they are winning.

 Well I sometimes go through an argument and like all the comments of the person who I agree with. So it COULD be legit!
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 You don’t know that though. You’re just assuming. I do not think the number of likes or the number of people jumping on one posts reflects who is wrong or right.
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Bonus points if you realised that you can do it every day.

Yeah I did notice that but why would you want to like something you wrote yourself lol

 Why wouldn't you?! LOL
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 Cause I'm freaking hilarious so my comment should be up the top so everyone can see it 👍😂
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Some people are just desperate to be right, liking own comments or starting another question about the same topic so they can try to win an argument.

Why would you 'like' your own comment? Are you so driven by social media validation that you're driven to lying to yourself to feel better? I think it's time to get off social media and find out getting lots of 'likes' doesn't make you special or important, you already are.

 Did you just like your own comment?
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 All I heard was blah blah blah. ..
And I'm totally going to like my own comment.

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