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Fitting in your neighbourhood

Do you fit in or others not fitting in ?


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Our neighbors are all junkies or snobs. There is literally no in between. Me and hubby are more bogan type so no, we really don't fit in 😂

 I love a proud bogan ❤❤
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I have never thought about or worried about this. Be yourself, do your own thing; try to be civil to your neighbours, strike up a friendship if you both want to, but why should you worry about "fitting in" when everyone is just trying to live their own lives?

 Some people like loud music and lots of people over in a quiet street
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 I agree.
Both my neighbours are of mature age and have no children living with them as to where my partner and I are young (23 & 25 with 2 toddlers) and we don’t communicate. But they are so nice never called noise control whenever we’ve had drinks at ours (yes we like to occasionally drink and invite family over) nor complain. So we try our best to keep noise to a minimum and just keep to ourselves really!

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Our street used to be quiet. Family with four kids moved in and it’s never ending crying, parents screaming constantly. Very unpleasant to say at least.

Yes we fit in. I live in a neighborhood where you could go for a walk around the block and people stop and say hello and talk to you, it’s amazing.

 It's great hear positive experiences 😊
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 I moved to my current neighbourhood 18 months ago and it is exactly like this. It's actually been life changing for us. It's an amazing feeling being surrounded by friendly people.
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My neighborhood is fantastic. My nearest neighbours are 10 mins away

Is your question more about “are we friends with our neighbours” rather than “do we fit in”? We have friendly chats with all our neighbours but in no way close friends. Apart from our literal friends over the back fence and the reason we moved here. But other neighbours are friendly street chit chat only and the occasional ask to borrow an egg. Our friendship groups come from other areas of life etc.
fitting in I think is not important unless you want to make friends through your neighbours?

We bought a place & the neighbours either side are buddies, both play loud music and have large dogs roaming around. We complained about the music and the dogs and now it’s very awkward. We don’t speak to either but see them all the time as they visit each other. Oh and we have a shared driveway.

 Do people park there ?
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I like my neighbours. They are all nice. We wave, say hello, sometimes even have a chat out the front. We have mostly elderly people in our neighbourhood which makes it very quiet and we try to be respectful of that and keep the noise to a minimum, especially once it reaches 6:30pm.

The old people next are annoying. Tv loud and use lawnmower early sun morning