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Whose fault is it?

Today was walking in shopping centre with my cup of coffee to my table and a 5 year old ran into me and the kid was burnt
His mum yelled at me that I should have been looking where I was walking

She stormed off with her son


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Was the kid ok?

 At muffin Break you collect your order on a tray and carry it yourself to your own table. Lots of cafes ive been to do that. Do you expect staff to walk through a crowded food court with your hot drinks looking for you?
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 That was meant for a different comment sorry.
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It's the kids fault. The mum should have bought you another.

The establishment who sold you a cup of coffee without attaching a proper lid? Or the wait staff who made you carry a mug of hot coffee to the table instead of doing it for you (uh, it's their job)?
Should the kid have been running around? No.
Should you have been carrying a hot coffee without a proper lid attached (thus reducing the chance of coffee actually spilling from the cup)? No.
Should the mother have yelled and blamed you exclusively? No.
But the bottom line is, any business that sells a beverage without a properly fitted lid, is exposing customers, employees, and anyone within the nearby facility to OH&S safety risks. There are rules about that. I've worked for one of the big coffee chains, and I can tell you now, if a mug of coffee was ordered, we were absolutely FORBIDDEN from allowing the customer to carry it from the counter to their table. If a takeaway cup was required, it was not allowed to be served without a lid. You could get suspended from your shifts for that. Liability is a huge and serious deal to these places, and it was negligent of them to serve you hot coffee in an unsafe manner.

 Some places where you are served your coffee in a mug you actually have to go to the counter and get yourself, so how does all the OH&S work? Also, many places now encourage you to bring your own to cup to reduce waste of the disposable ones that comes with lids.
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 If they're making you collect the mug full of hot liquid and carry it yourself, and you or anyone else is injured by that hot liquid, they're liable and are leaving themselves open for legal action. Of course, if you're injured on their premises anyway they're liable.
But it's not safe and it's very unprofessional to expect customers to wait their own tables. Is it a big business that expects that from you or a small family run cafe?
As for bringing your own cup, we were told to refuse unless it had a lid or could be fitted with a disposable lid.

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 Gloria jenas is the chain that comes to mind that do not have any kind of table service. They have been around for many years and they never have, neither do food courts. And I’m sure there are plenty more. And what about take away coffee? How do you get around that if you have a strict table service policy? I get what you’re saying, but there are so many variables. And there are plenty of places that encourage you to bring your own cup. More and more are doing it.
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 Starbucks is another that don’t have table service.
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 McCafe also don't have table service. It's not negligent for a business to serve coffee in a mug and the customer carry it to their table. It's negligent of the mother to let the child run around in an area that serves hot coffee.
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 Gloria Jeans, Starbucks and McCafe do have table service (in that you order at the counter, and if it's in a mug they bring it to your table). Which places are you going that won't even follow their own procedures?
I don't know how to explain this again in a different way.
When I worked in the coffeeshop if you ordered a takeaway beverage, even if you brought your own cup, it HAD to be served to you with a lid attached. If your cup from home didn't fit our lids, and it didn't have its own lid, we had to refuse to fill it. You would have been given a standard disposable cup. Your beverage didn't leave my side of the counter until it had a lid.
If you ordered a beverage to drink in the cafe, we were required to bring it to your table.
I can't explain this any clearer. In a food court situation, I would imagine it's the standard takeaway procedure (although I also admit I never had to work in a food court).

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 And also, I agree the mother shouldn't have been letting her kid run around under peoples feet. And if she was willing to look the other way during that, she sure as shit shouldn't be placing blame on the OP for her kid getting burned.
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 Gloria jeans never bring it to your table. Mug or not (and I always ask for a mug). They call your name when your order is ready. I’ve been there many times, over the last 12 years since we got one in our area and never ever have they brought my mug to the table. McCafé, sometimes do if they are super busy and you have a long wait. I don’t go to Starbucks often, but I have been to different ones around the world and they never have. If you have a take away from Gloria jeans or Starbucks you put your own lid on. Explain it anyway you like, I can’t alter my own experiences in various cafes when it comes to how they serve my coffeee. I’m not making it up. Go visit one of these places and see for yourself.
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 What’s the standard take away procedure? The no splash lid? The food courts I’ve had coffee they ask if you are having it there or takeaway and if I ask for a mug I take it to my own table.

Is it possible these strict procedures surrounding the serving of hot beverages only apply to the chain in which you work?

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 I'm not doubting your experiences, but they're not following their own procedures. I worked for one of the chains mentioned, and read the employee handbook for another.
It shows a lack of professionalism on their part that they can't even follow their own rules.

To the second response, the standard takeaway coffee procedure has been outlined above (lids must be attached to the cup). But as I said, I haven't worked a food court before but it would seem like common sense. A hot beverage in a busy area, any responsible business would be careful to lid their shit and minimise the possibility of spillage.

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  i don’t know now what the guidelines are but as I’ve nevr irked in a cafe I’ll take your to up word for it. But I’d say majority of the franchises are in breech if what you is true.
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 I just had McDonald’s today and yes they NOW have table service!
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 ^ yes since, they have the automatic order thing where you can order your McCafé coffee etc too.
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Accident which could happen to anyone and moron of a mother trying to blame you.

I think it’s both but I don’t know why everyone always needs someone to blame. He should have been watching, you should have been also (if it were a small child the mum should have been watching it) but at the end of the day accidents do happen.. and it was just an accident.

If the kid was being sensible then accident no one at fault. If they were being silly then it is called a consequence for their actions and that parent should be aware of their child's behaviour. I would never blame someone for something like this. I am sure you would have preferred to drink your coffee than have it wasted so I would not think you intended it, therefore not worth yelling at you.