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Do you buy nice presents or cheap crap ones ?

I buy nice ones and receive crap ones from sister in law and this year don’t get mad get even


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Depends on who i am buying for. If i am buying for school kids birthday party, they have to fit into my $10 budget. I have knack for getting things on special, so the present was originally like $20-or so and then on sale its like $10. But for freinds and family i put a little more thought and spend more money, but i still like to hunt for a bargain!!

 Same here
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I personally give what I think are nice gifts and put a lot of thought into it - but I don't break the bank.
A few years ago, we stopped buying for adults in the extended family and I think it was a great relief. Save our money, no stress about what they want, nobody obliged to keep up with the Joneses.

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My sister gave me seeds and pot and soil
I gave her $120 pendant

It’s all about the thought you put into it. It could be a $10 gift, or a $100 gift. It doesn’t matter so long as you feel you put some thought into it. Some of the cheapest gifts I’ve bought have been the most well received because of the thoughtfulness of it. Also, nice wrapping paper always makes something seem so much nicer than it is if it’s just in a bag or crap wrapping, mostly because it’s clear you put time and energy into it.

 Buying cheap presents to me means no thought given
To me it’s I grab what I see and don’t care if it’s cheap or not a thoughtful present

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 Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean thoughtless and crap though.
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Sometimes I buy nothing sometimes cheaper always try to be thoughtful

I always Feel bad as my sister is the most generous thoughtful person

 Why don’t buy her anything ?
What does she buy you ?
What do you buy her ?

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You have totally lost the meaning of gift giving.

 You know what, I wouldn’t give s shit. I often give presents and get in return, and I don’t care one bit. That is the difference bwteeen people like me who give not to receive, and those like you who are clearly entitled.
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 I bet you give cheap presents or don’t receive anything
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 I bet you give presents just to get something back.
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Is a nice smelling candle or a small hamper of personally curated items for the receiver considered crap? Pls let me know because I really believe family/friends will appreciate. I don't usually have a big budget for gifts so I like doing hampers, or home-making simple gifts.

 If you are making up the hampers yourself, that is a thoughtful gift. I’d appreciate that. I don’t like the premade ones you find at Kmart or target etc
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 I think hampers you put together yourself with the recipient in mind is a fantastic idea. I would love a gift like that.
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 I never buy hampers. I buy a basket and tea towels to put in basket and food I know people like and cellophane from newsagents and nice thick ribbon 🎀
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You have a good heart and shows you are a good person and thoughtful and keep your head up high

My hubby gets me to buy his mum gifts that cost more then I spend on my parents. She always give me the cheapest present out of all her children-in-laws. I know she doesn't really like me but she doesn't need to make it so obvious.

 Then surprise her one year with a cheap gift.
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 I would seriously tell hubby that you will be spending equal amount on both sets of parents. My MIL gives her children and their partners cash $100 each. No-one gets more or less.

For birthdays my SIL gets spoiled A LOT more than her brothers, for example, for her 40th she got a 2 week holiday paid for and her brothers got $50 each. Pretty obvious who the favourite is.

My MIL gave her 3 sons $1500 put towards their weddings and SIL is getting her entire wedding paid for and her engagement party was paid for by MIL. My parents have each of their children the same amount each for our weddings.

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My kids tend to get some cheap plastic presents, I don't worry they usually break quickly.

 Talking about adults
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