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Should I buy nipple shields for massages ?

I'm having massages for health reasons and thinking about acupuncture too. I don't like being nude it's uncomfortable. What do you wear when getting a massage ?


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I'm a massage therapist, and my clients' breasts are never exposed. If I'm working on their abdomen or upper chest area, there's a hand towel covering the breasts still. The only situation I would think it's appropriate would be a particular combined physio/LC who actually works on breasts (usually with ultrasound) - in which case shielding them would defeat the purpose anyway.

I have been seeing an osteo for a year for my back and chest, when laying on my tummy he just unclips my bra and when I have to turn over if I need to take my bra off he leaves the room. And I put a towel over my breasts. All depends on what style bra I wear.

 I've been seeing Osteos for years, not once has any of them requested my bra comes off, or my top for that matter.
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Ahhh as is in breastfeeding nipple shields? Probably not 😂

When I had my ultrasound on my breasts I still had a towel and it was moved around.
I would ring the massage therapist before you go in and tell them what you are comfortable with but I don't think they'd leave you completely bare