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Is it wrong for my son four take shower with his papaw


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Not at all, my 3 year old showers with his mango all the time.

I personally do not feel comfortable letting my kids shower with anyone but their parents. I find it really weird and would lose my shift if I found out that one of their grandparents showered with them. Why are they showering together anyway?

I don't see why it would be wrong, it is the way of the world; we live in the age of the perpetually offended and the irrationality of the opinionated.
The only people who would perceive a young boy showering with his Pawpaw as wrong and those who would see it as a sexual thing. I personally find it nauseating to think that anybody would see it as sexual.
Let him have a shower with his Grandad, let him have fun. They both have the same bits down there.

Is papaw a grandfather? In that case yes. I wouldn't let my children shower with anyone besides myself and my partner. But that's just me.

Depends.. how old is he. If he is like 12 it's weird. By paw paw do you mean grand father? My 6 year old and 4 year old shower with me or dad. It's just so much easier for one person to wash the kid and pass them out to the other to dry and dress

 She literally said 4 in the question.
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 Omg how dare I missnread a post. I'm the worst person In the world. Litterally. Thankyou for pointing that out I can now go on living.
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 You're welcome. It's what I do, save lives.
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Who's papaw? My 4 yr old will sometimes still jump in the shower with me. Hell, my 6 yr old has been known to do it too. I don't think either of them have had a shower with their dad for a while though? But that I think is more to do with opportunity. They prefer to shower by themselves most of the time.

 I'm assuming it's a grand father.
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