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How do you have 4 min showers 😫

How is that enough time to wash yourself properly, hair included a few times a week. How 😫


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Did you know showering is really bad for your skin? It strips the natural oils from your skin. Quick showers or baths are better.

I wash hair, put in conditioner, wash my body, then my face, then rinse conditioner out. I don't wash my hair every night though and sometimes I do my teeth or shave my pits. But it's definitely doable in 4 minutes. I don't usually shave my legs in the shower. I'll run some hot water in the bath and do it that way. Saves water.

4 minutes is a long time really, it takes 20 seconds for shampoo, rinse while soaping yourself, thats 30 seconds to 1 minute depending how thick your hair is and how dirty you are, apply conditioner, rinse your body from the soap then rinse conditioner. There's no need to do anything else in the shower. Shaving, scrubbing, teeth brushing etc can all be done out if the shower and I prefer it anyway.

 How do you get your hair clean enough in 20 seconds? I feel like mine wouldn’t be. What about soaping your Body??
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 How dirty do you get though? If you're not washing dirt, only natural oils then 20 seconds is plenty. I don't take long to wash myself, unless I have been sweating I only wash underarms, face, bum, fanny and feet.
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Shit I spend probably 25-30 minutes in the shower every night. I relax in there. No way am i compromising.

How can you not?

 I like to take my time
I have 15 min shower

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 While I understand taking your time is relaxing, I try to consider future generations and my environmental impact. It's hard work though but I try
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Depends on what stuff you do in the shower. Do you wash your face in the shower or at the sink, do you brush your teeth in the shower or at the sink? Does that include shaving?

If you are just washing body and hair you could certainly be done in about 4 minutes provided your efficient.

 I’m not efficient. I’ve been trying lately but failing miserably! I got down to 15 mins the other night though. That’s huge for me!

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