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Thinking of having a shake once a day, which is the best one?

I've started a new job, i dont get a lunch break as I'm not there long enough. So I'm thinking of having a later breakfast (porridge or eggs etc) before I go to work, then having a shake in the car when I'm driving home after work (2pm) to get me through until dinner. I'm wanting to lose weight and walking in the mornings. My arvos are pretty busy with running kids to sports and various appointments etc. I'm hoping, because of my job, I just won't be able to eat as much as i have been at home. Also thinking of keeping some nuts and dried fruit in the car for snacks or extra hungry days. I've had the bulk nutrients shakes before, but I can't remember what they were called and there are sooo many products in their website - i think it may have been called a protein powder not a shake?


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Whichever you choose, check the sugar content
Some are insane!
Also check protein content. If it doesn't fill you up.youll end up ravenous by dinner time and eat way too much - the worst time of day to eat the bulk of your food.
Consider one of the high protein, low sugar meusli-type bars instead. Brands like Carmen's or nice n' natural have some. Just check the nutrition panel for protein, sugar & saturated fats. Much easier to carry, eat & no prep required. On 1/2 price special they're quite cheap. Some of them fill me up for hours.

There was an article on this site at some point. I've also heard Aldi ones were really value for money